Saturday, November 12, 2005

We have a winner ...! The next one could be Y-O-U!

Greta, flowers, CD and a guy... :-)
Greta recieving the disc and flowers

Saturday saw the first winner in RadioDupree's current competition recieving her prize; a copy of Kate Bush brand new album Aerial. The record - Kate's first in 12 years - have recieved glowing reviews and is also the Album of the Month here at RadioDupree.

Greta Hilmersson is our first winner and also a faithful listener to RadioDupree:
"I just love the music you guys play! And there's always surprises that will put a smile on your face. As a longtime fan of Kate Bush I was thrilled to see her new album be the featured record for the month of November. RadioDupree rocks!"

Thanks to Greta living close to our headquarters we arranged a small prize ceremony at the Österboda Hyresgästlokal with catering by Pizzeria Nya Sicilia and additional flowers supplied by Birgittas Blommor & Bröd.
Our janitor Heikki's brother in law Mats did the honors and was the lucky chap who handed Greta her prize. You can see them both pictured above.

And now it could be your turn to win a copy of the double album Aerial. For all the details of how to enter just click this link:

RadioDupree competition

And why not check out the RadioDupree homepage while you're at it. It's got the answers that you'll need...

RadioDupree homepage

Album of the Month - Kate Bush Aerial

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