Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Roxy Performances – a tasty little sucker

Most of the fans that have ordered the Roxy 7 CD set have probably received it by now. Or if you want a cheaper alternative; go to streaming services as Spotify and enjoy the entire collection.
These shows have been awaited for years and considered as the holy grail of Zappa music. Well these four shows from The Roxy in Hollywood December 1973 sure are something, but of course there are pieces that are not really terrific. Some songs have not found there final format (Dickie's Such An Asshole) and there are songs where the vocals are not really top notch. On the Roxy & Elsewhere album (1974) Zappa picked the best takes of the four shows and added vocal overdubs to reach perfection. But this band is one of the funkiest incarnations of The Mothers ever, and their skilled performances are full of joy.

Personal favorite: That Arrogant Dick Nixon. One of the "bonus" rehearsal tracks. A version of The Idiot Bastard Son with new lyrics about Richard Nixon. Yeas, that was back in the days of Watergate. Someone could easily update those lyrics.


Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Zappa hologram tour band announced

Steve Vai, Warren Cuccurullo, Ian Underwood, Vinnie Colaiuta...
Those are some of the names that were mentioned when "The Bizarre World Of Frank Zappa" hologram tour 2018 was announced today.

Ahmet Zappa, head of the Zappa Family Trust speaks about the hologram tour and a lot of other topics here: