Sunday, May 31, 2015

Not buying any music? How about a premium book of music photos?

With sales of CD:s and other physical means of sharing music falling, artists and the musiv business more and more focus on touring and other means of making money. How about a book? An expensive book? How about £395/$600/€549?

"No!" you say? Then you're probably not part of the music loving audience prepared to pay premium price for a concert ticket. Or even better a concert package including some perks like a hotel, behind-the-stage-tour or wine and cheese before the show.

You're also not part of the ... more "mature" audience that have the memories and the money. And it's somewhere here that Ormond Yard Press in London, England fits in.
Making and selling photo books featuring artists like Rolling Stone, Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush and Pink Floyd.

The very latest book is about Bob Dylan and feaures photos by Ken Reagan taken during the 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue. He was the official photographer of the tour and this is part of how it is presented on the publishers homepage: 

Rolling Thunder: Photographs by Ken Regan will contain the very best of Ken Regan’s 1975 Rolling Thunder Revue photographs of Bob Dylan - a tour on which he was official photographer. Incredibly, Ken’s Bob Dylan photographs have never been the subject of a dedicated book of their own, and many of the photographs in the book have not have been published before. 

This will be the sixth limited edition ultra-large-format book by our publishing arm, Ormond Yard Press, and follows on from titles featuring Bruce Springsteen, Nick Drake, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Kate Bush. 

 The edition size for Rolling Thunder: Photographs by Ken Regan is reassuringly small - just 750 individually numbered copies are being offered to collectors worldwide. 

Full size Bob Dylan photo book from Ormond Yard Press
A lovely book of photos for sure. And previously a prime target mainly for hardcore collectors. But these days there is a growing number of fans with money ready to spend to get the exclusive and expensive stuff.
Right now it's on pre-sale for £195/$298/€271. Read more about the book here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Steely Dan adds 8 nights at The Beacon Theatre, New York to the 2015 tour

Steely Dan has just announced eight October gigs at The Beacon Theatre in New York for the 2015 tour. All nights with a special theme and the final night promising surprise guest artists.

Owners of an American Express card get a pre-sale chance starting tomorrow May 28. The rest of us have to wait until 10 am EST on June 5.

Here's more about the dates from the homepage where you also can find links to tickets.

……* Oct 06……Aja - Plus Selected Hits

……* Oct 07……Greatest Hits

……* Oct 09……Gaucho - Plus Selected Hits

……* Oct 10……The Royal Scam - Plus Selected Hits

……* Oct 13……Aja - Plus Selected Hits

……* Oct 14……Greatest Hits

……* Oct 16……By Popular Demand

……* Oct 17…… "The Most Unforgettable Night of Whatever - Featuring Spectacular Musical Guests, Glorious Tunes and Riffage, and Whatever the Party Calls for! Parking Validated for First Dozen Diehard Fans"

== Classic Albums — Plus
Setlist is one of three classic Steely Dan albums — Aja, Gaucho, or The Royal Scam — performed in its entirety, start-to-finish. The evening then continues with additional selected favorites, making for a wide-ranging, hit-strewn ramble
through Steely Dan's extraordinary catalog.

== Greatest Hits
An evening of ... well, this one pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it?

== By Popular Demand
Fans have always found a way to let Fagen and Becker know what they want to hear. This setlist represents oft-requested songs of recent years.

== "The Most Unforgettable Night of Whatever ...
Featuring Spectacular Musical Guests, Glorious Tunes and Riffage, and Whatever the Party Calls for! Parking Validated for First Dozen Diehard Fans"

- : - : - : -

Neb Stephenson. Jockeying the discs. And files...
"It's kinda amazing and scary at the same time", says Radio Dupree prime-DJ Neb Stephenson, who back in 2011 attended two of the special nights at The Beacon on the Steely Dan tour. (Catch up on the reports here!)
"My birthday is October 8, but I had nothing to do with this years run of shows taking place on the weeek of my birthday. Feels like I have to go. Should go. Perhaps. Maybe..."

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Radio Dupree Top 20 - May 2015

1. The Beatles - I am the Walrus
1967-1970 (Blue)

2. Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe - Order of the Universe
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe

3. Frank Zappa - Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
Zappa in New York

4. Electric Light Orchestra - Need Her Love

5. David Bowie - Life On Mars
Santa Monica '72

6. Kevin Coyne - Eastbourne Ladies
Let's Have a Party

7. Steely Dan - Babylon Sisters
Alive In America

8. Steely Dan - Rose Darling
Katy Lied

9. The Doors - Easy Ride
The Soft Parade

10. Steve Vai - Viv Woman
Flex-able (25th Anniversary Re-master)

11. Salem Al Fakir - Tell Me - This Is Who I Am
12. Rush - Lessons - 2112
13. Gino Vannelli - Ugly Man - Gist Of The Gemini
14. Donald Fagen - Tomorrow's Girls - Kamakiriad
15. David Bowie - Somebody Up There Likes Me - Young Americans
16. David Bowie - Fascination - Young Americans
17. Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Call on Me - Safe As Milk
18. Steely Dan - Reelin' In The Years - Alive In America
19. Jethro Tull - Sweet Dream - Living in the Past
20. Deep Purple - Our Lady - Who Do We Think We Are
Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree

Just another un-authorized Zappa album...

The most recent of Zappa bootleg CD's. This one being sold by a well known Scandinavian mail order company (along with other similar products).
The cover art - a rip off of a photo from the booklet from the Carnegie Hall 3 CD set (Vaulternative Records).

Sunday, May 10, 2015

50 years ago today - the birth of The Mothers

On Mothers Day 1965 it was the first time that Frank Zappa's band played under their new name The Mothers. 
One year later they released their groundbreaking debut, Freak Out! By then the record company had told them to change their name to The Mothers of Invention.

And hey, to commemorate Mothers Day there is a new single download on
It sure ain't The 60's Mothers. It sounds more like Zappa's band of spring/summer 1980.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Lots of new tunes on Radio Dupree

This weekend we have replaced a lot of the music on the Radio Dupree playlists. We are not changing to another style of music, but we thought that many of the tunes have been around for a long time so there was time for some new stuff. 
The Album of the Month for instanc. It is Peter Gabriel's obscure soundtrack from the film Birdy. Gabriel fans should recognize several of the tracks on that one since they are pieces picked from older Gabriel songs.
What do you think of the music we play? More Queen? Less Jethro Tull? Write a comment below or send us an e-mail: radiodupreeATyahooDOTse
We'd love to play your requests.

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