Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mats and Napoleon continue their Zappa mission

Two new members added.
On Friday November 16 the Radio Dupree staff attended a concert with Zappa veteran Napoleon Murphy Brock and keyboard virtuoso Mats Öberg. The concert took place in Mats' old hometown Umeå, Sweden.

The Öberg/Brock duo that call themselves Colour Flash have been around since 2014 but now they have added two more members; guitarist Christian Bjerring and percussionist Rafael Sida. This added more width and variation to the performance, of course, while the music is still performed in a small enjoyable format. There are no more gigs planned with this quartet, but Öberg says that they hope to be able to do more shows together.
And Napoleon Murphy Brock is still one of the best showmen in the business. Catch them if you get the opportunity!

Set #1
Chunga's Armageddon (Frank Zappa/Wayne Shorter)
Stink-foot (Zappa)
Festival (George Duke)
Uncle Remus (Duke/Zappa)
How About You? (Lane/Freed)
Aybe Sea (Zappa)
My Ship (Weill/Gershwin)
Montana (Zappa)

Set #2
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Zappa)
What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body? (Zappa)
Oh No (Zappa)
Son of Orange County (Zappa)
More Trouble Every Day (Zappa)
Yeah, We Going (George Duke)
Yo Mama (Zappa)
Chunga's Armageddon outro (Frank Zappa/Wayne Shorter)

Pygmy Twylyte (Zappa)