Sunday, May 31, 2020

Another song released from the upcoming Zappa 4 CD set

The Mothers 1970
A second track from the upcoming Zappa album "The Mothers 1970" has been released for streaming on Spotify.
It is Sharleena, same take as the version on Chunga's Revenge but a different mix by Roy Thomas Baker (who later worked with Queen, Journey and others.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Read a book! Rolling Stone list rock memoirs

In these times and even after them, we could all do with a book or two. Or five. Reading is a great thing!

Rolling Stone recently listed the top 50 rock memoirs, and while we all know that best of-lists of any kind is likely to irritate more than inform, this is a nice list of books that you might or might not be interested in reading. Skip the chart side of it. It doesn't matter who ended up #1 and who didn't make it. See it as a few suggestions that might lead on to other books, other genres:


Friday, May 08, 2020

Zappa at VPRO Piknik included in new 4 CD set

The Mothers 1970
The new 4 CD set includes live and studio performances by Frank Zappa & The Mothers 1970.
This features recordings from the first months by the new band that Frank formed after he broke the old Mothers up in 1969. It is often referred to as the Vaudeville band or the Flo & Eddie band.

The set includes the performance that the band did at VPRO, a dutch TV station. It has been bootlegged several times and it will be nice to hear this in better sound quality.

Some fans think that this era is already well covered and that it would be more interesting to hear recordings of others lineups. Others seem to enjoy any new Zappa release and appreciate that there is stuff being released every year.

This is an excerpt from the presentation by
The Mothers 1970 encapsulates the band’s brief but productive span, which included two visits to the studio – resulting in the fantastic 1970 album, Chunga’s Revenge – and tours across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Divided into four parts, the collection is anchored by top notch studio recordings recorded at the famed London-based Trident Studios on June 21-22 with a then-young, unknown producer in the engineer chair by the name of Roy Thomas Baker, several years before he’d go on to have massive success working with Queen, The Cars and Alice Cooper to name a few. An unreleased early mix by Baker of the Chunga’s Revenge track, “Sharleena,” is just one of the many highlights of the studio recordings that also boasts several unearthed rough mixes of the Zappa/Simmons co-write, “Wonderfu l Wino,” including a rare version that showcases vocals and an alternate guitar solo by Zappa that has been lost to the ages as the original multi-track stems were recorded over. Of the material recorded during this two-day span, “Sharleena” was the only song ever officially released – so tracks like “Red Tubular Lighter,” “Giraffe” and an unheard version of “Envelopes” are completely brand new to fans half a century later.

There is already one track out on YouTube (and Spotify). Check it out here:

Track list of the 4 CD set:

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Florian Schneider co-founder of Kraftwerk dead at 73

Florian Schneider-Esleben founded Kraftwerk with Ralf Hütter back in 1970.
The group was an innovator and pioneer of electronic music.

He was a member of Kraftwerk until 2008 and has since stayed out of the limelight.
One rare appearance of new music was the song Stop Plastic Pollution released in 2015.

Florian Schneider was 73 years old.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A musical Covid warning from The Fabriani Bros. = Steve Porcaro & David Kamp

The Fabriani Bros. = Steve Porcaro & David Kamp + friends, in homage to Messrs. Fagen and Becker.
Don’t be like the Covid Kid: Stay home, stay safe, and donate to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund for musicians whose livelihood has been affected by the pandemic:
Let’s bridge this gap until we can hear our musician friends play live again!
Music by Steve Porcaro
Lyrics by David Kamp
Lead vocals by Billy Sherwood (Yes)
Guitars by Denny Dias (Steely Dan) and Marc Bonilla (Keith Emerson, Derek Smalls, Ronnie Montrose)
Drums by Shannon Forrest (Toto, The Dukes of September)
Keyboards by Steve Porcaro (Toto)
A Fabriani Bros. production
Mixed by Mike Ging
Video produced and directed by Ted Kamp
Video edited By Dan Wolfmeyer
Original illustrations by Ross MacDonald
Additional photos and video via Envato

Sunday, April 12, 2020

King Crimson/Zappa band tour postponed

King Crimson's North American tour this summer has been postponed due to the corona virus threat.

"...and it is our intention wherever possible to play exactly the same dates with the Zappa Band on very similar dates in 2021. The rescheduled dates will be confirmed over the coming weeks."

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Jethro Tull tour dates cancelled or postponed

Several Jethro Tull concerts this spring have been cancelled or postponed due to the corona virus threat.
Several shows in the UK have been cancelled. The three concerts in Sweden have been postponed to May 2021.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

17 minutes Dylan in Covid-19 times...

In the midst of the coronavirus arists are playing live on YouTube and such platforms while keeping their distance.

Bob Dylan decided to share a 17 minute long brand new song that will keep people so declined busy dechipering his lyrics once again.



Saturday, March 21, 2020

New Walter Becker demo with a coronavirus twist

Titled Boob Baby and recorded during the sessions that ended up being his 2008 album Circus Money.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Steely Dan's Two Against Nature is 20 years old today!

Celebratory cover version by Jim "Hoops" McKay
February 29 2000 was the day that Steely Dan released the first album of new songs since Gaucho back in 1980.

I bought the new one and after work I sat down in my sofa with headphones on and listened to the whole album once, twice. three times...

It was amazing to finally be able to listen to the record that had been rumoured for a long time and  then announced for real. Twenty years after Gaucho.

I was a happy man that day. And will l give Two Against Nature a spin today on its 20 anniversary.

It ended up being a comeback as well as the band's next to last album. 2003 saw the release of Everything Must Go. And that was it. While the short time of three years between Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go had me hoping for more Steely Dan albums they never appeared.

The band concentrated on touring and Donald Fagen and Walter Becker recorded solo albums.

I was reminded of the day and date by a post in the Facebook group. So on I go ... listening to Gaslighting Abbie and the rest:

1."Gaslighting Abbie"
2."What a Shame About Me"
3."Two Against Nature"
4."Janie Runaway"
5."Almost Gothic"
6."Jack of Speed"
7."Cousin Dupree"
8."Negative Girl"
9."West of Hollywood"

- Neb S.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Walter!

Walter Becker of Steely Dan would've been 70 today. But he passed away in September 2017.

So on his birthday let us highlight the wonderful world of

started in 2018 to offer "hi-fidelity rarities, demos, and unreleased tracks from Becker's archives, plus downloads, discussion boards, history, context, and pics" to fans old and new.

As of today you can listen to, download for free and discuss - also for free - 27 tracks.

Here's just a couple of them:

Nobody thought there existed any recording of the live show Walter Becker did April 7, 1995 at Slim's in San Francisco. The one and only solo show he did with songs from his album 11 Tracks of Whack. But a recording has been found and here's one song posted:

And this one has been doing the rounds for years as a very, very nth generation cassette copy among the hardcore fans. Returning in a sparkling, shiny way. The story behinf it well worth a read after you've had a listen:

Happy Birtday, Walter!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The story of the iconic Black Sabbath cover revealed

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath CD
For the first time photographer Keith Macmillan tells the story of how he designed the iconic cover of Black Sabbath's debut album (released in 1970).
Macmillan tells Rolling Stone about some alternate setups with the model Louisa Livingstone. “Any kind of sexuality took away from the foreboding mood. But she was a terrific model. She had amazing courage and understanding of what I was trying to do.”

Rolling Stone has the story: 

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Zappa movie will be premiered at SXSW festival

Alex Winter's film "Zappa" will be premiered at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in Austin, Texas in March 2020.

The film is made possible through a kickstarter campaign and the material has been selected while digitalizing the Frank Zappa archives, but it has also been sent by fans to Alex Winter.

Alex Winter writes:
"Here's the very first look at our special festival poster for Zappa. It will ONLY be used for festival screenings prior the public release of the film. 

Photo by the great Bill Gubbins."

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Steely Dan on summer tour with Steve Winwood

Entrance to avenue. Black and white with the artists names superimposed

"Earth After Hours". That's the title of the 22 date long summer tour Steely Dan and Steve Winwood are going on in June and July this year.

The first date is June 2 in Portland, Oregon with the tour ending in Bethel, New York on July 11.

Tickets go on sale this month. January 20 is the presale date for the fans a little more worthy than the rest of us. We can fight over the remainders starting January 25. And, yes, it is USA and Canada only this time around.

More information and links here and here!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Zappa's Hot Rats Sessions on Spotify now

The music on the 6 CD set is now available for streaming on Spotify.

The classic Frank Zappa album has been released as a 6 CD set with lots of outtakes and previously unreleased stuff from the original recording sessions.