Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekly Top 10 - September 30, 2007

1. Frank Zappa - Watermelon In Easter Hay - Guitar
=. Bowie, David - We Are The Dead - Diamond Dogs
3. Soft Machine - Facelift (excerpt) - Third
=. Quant - Miracle Man - Getting Out
=. Bob Dylan - Nettie Moore - Modern Times
6. The Rolling Stones - In Another Land - Their Satanic Majesties Request
=. The Persuasions - My Guitar - The Persuasions Sing Zappa
=. The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star - The Age of Plastic
=. Frank Zappa - Twenty Small Cigars - Chunga's Revenge
10. David Bowie - Across The Universe - Young Americans
=. Bo Hansson - Before The Rain - Magician's Hat

Here's an opportunity to check out what songs on this weekly chart makes it to the monthly chart published tomorrow (October 1) on the updated Radio Dupree homepage. That is if everything works out as planned and we get the update out October 1. Otherwise you might have to wait a day or three.
If we look at the chart above it's all well-known names with one exception; Quant.
is actually Jonas Quant from Gothenburg, Sweden. The song is from his 2004 album Getting Out.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Weekend video: Walter Becker's EPK from 1994

1994: Walter Becker's solo album 11 Tracks Of Whack is released. As part of the marketing a so called EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is assembled.

September 26, 2007: A kind soul posts the seven minute EPK video on YouTube. A rare find as very few Steely Dan fans - and an even lower percentage of the rest of this earth's population - have had the chance to see it.
If you want to hear Walter sing and play; buy the album. If you want to see a fun take on a promo video, then do watch this one:

P.S. The link to the youtube link posted on The Banyan trees Sign in Stranger forum and there's where I found it.

Preparing for the Radio Dupree Bowiefest

Hi all you "Heroes", Earthlings and Aladdin Sane persons out there. Radio Dupree is preparing for a real Bowie party during October. We are celebrating the 30 years anniversary of the "Heroes" album.
Yes, it was first released in October 1977! So here's the deal: We will play all the songs from "Heroes" PLUS stuff from the other Bowie albums of the same era as well for more variation.
So put on your red shoes and dance the blues...No, sorry, that one came years later, totally different too...The party starts on Monday October 1st.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful part 1 The last update was back in April. Yesterday's item in the Steely Dan newsletter stating that news about Walter Becker's solo album is coming soon was followed by five words in orange on the frontpage of

It is also repeated on the news page:

For anyone who - like us - has been eagerly awaiting a new solo album from Walter, this is good news indeed.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Steely Dan: Tour over and newsletter posted

The four month long Heavy Rollers 2007 tour of USA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand is over.
Who knows when or where Steely Dan will play lie again? Must be at least a couple of tours left in the "machine"!

While we wait we can read the Steely Dan Newsletter sent out today. Apart from positive remarks about the just finished tour it notes that while Steely Dan takes a rest Donald Fagen and Walter Becker will pursue solo stuff like Donald's Nightfly Trilogy box and Walter's solo album:

>> ** Becker's second solo album release
will be announced soon.
For first-word Becker news,
and sign up for Becker's mailing list. <<

So how soon is "soon"? Must be sooner rather than later. So ... 2007? Early 2008?

Oh! And there's a bunch of new pics from the tour over on!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekly Top 10 - September 23

1.Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache - For Your Pleasure
=. Rod Stewart -
Get Back - All This And World War II
=. David Bowie -
Andy Warhol - Hunky Dory
4.Neil Young -
A Man Needs A Maid - Harvest
=. Creedence Clearwater Revival -
Heard It Through The Grapevine - Cosmo's Factory
6.David Bowie -
Rebel Rebel - Diamond Dogs
=.David Bowie -
The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction - 1. Outside
8.Yes -
Sweet Dreams - Time And A Word
9. Talking Heads -
The Great Curve - Remain In Light
10. Frank Zappa -
Imaginary Diseases - Imaginary Diseases
11.David Bowie -
Ziggy Stardust - Bowie At The Beeb

Looks like a chart picked right out of the 1970's! Bowie on four tracks favoured by our listeners the past seven days. One of them sharing the top spot with Rod Stewart from a rare album of Beatles covers and Roxy Music with a track from the groups second album. The cover model Amanda Lear went on to a career as a disco artist and the panther she has on a leash was pumped so full of whatever they give panthers to take the edge off and keep them in a friendly, mellow mood, that they had to paint the menacing eyes on the photo afterwards!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Weekend music: Our local Steely Dan tribute band!

Let us introduce the six man strong 2nd Arrangement. A Steely Dan tribute band from our hometown with two gigs played and a third coming up November 1.

Here's a 10 minute clip of songs from the show they did earlier this month. You get just 40 - 60 seconds of each song. We'd like to see a couple of complete songs as they grooved along just fine that evening. We were there and enjoyed the setlist, pleasantly surprised at the inclusion of a less well-known favourite like Lunch With Gina. will get you to the bands MySpace-page.

Friday, September 21, 2007

It's Joni Mitchell time!

We just got Joni Mitchell's new album Shine and have started to add songs to our playlist.
Tune in and hear her first record of new music in five years.

You can read her comments on all tracks in this article.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Steely Dan: New tour pics and album rumour

The Pics from the road link over on has been updated with a handful of pics from Japan and Australia. And the Heavy Rollers 2007 tour that began in May is almost done; one more gig in Australia and two in New Zealand is all that's left.

And a YouTube video of a cover version of Babylon Sisters is accompanied by a by YouTube-standards long text about the group Steely Dan ending with the paragraph:

In the upcoming November issue of Guitar World, Walter Becker states that Steely Dan are recording once again. The new album scheduled to arrive in spring/summer 2008 has a working title of "Suffice It To Say. . . "

The current issue of Guitar World on sale is dated September and not a word re: Steely Dan or Walter Becker can be found on the magazine's homepage.

Steely Dan's Everything Must Go is four years old by now, and when Donald Fagen's solo album Morph The Cat was released early 2006 he sounded in a "studio mood" raising hopes for another solo album and/or Steely Dan ditto.
Whatever the truth to the Guitar World quote above may be Radio Dupree has never doubted that there would eventually be another Steely Dan album.

If the quote proves to be true we will at least have a date to count the days delayed for the album from...

: : : : :

And finally the November date for Donald Fagen's Nightfly Trilogy that has been up on the official online store's page a couple of weeks now, has finally been confirmed in an email sent to us that pre-ordered the box this spring:

"Dear Donald Fagen Customer,

Thanks for your patience. The Nightfly Trilogy Music Video Interactive Box Set has now been rescheduled to a release date of November 20. We will be shipping all pre-orders on or around November 16. If you selected Express Shipping, you will get your order on the release date.

This box set has been readjusted a bit for the better: the box set will now include 7 discs-three MVI discs with all of the bonus materials, along with 4 regular audio CDs. The CDs will contain the original sequences of the original three albums; the fourth CD will include the bonus tracks (except for interviews). This way, you can take the audio portion of the box set into your
car or anywhere else you might not have a DVD player handy.

Donald Fagen Official Store

The news section on has also been updated with the latest info.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gino Vannelli goes to Sweden

Gino Vannelli plays several European gigs this fall, and fans in northern Sweden will be happy to know that Gino will play Umeå Jazz Festival.
On October 27 he plays in Umeå with pianist Michiel Borstlap.
A prominent person of the festival staff says that "they will play stuff from Gino's back catalogue but also some jazz standards".
Gino played 2 gigs in the Netherlands on September 8.
September 20 Naples, Italy
September 29 Bilzen, Belgium
October 4 Montreal, Canada (with the Portland Band: Randy Porter - piano, Reinhardt Melz - drums, Sandin Wilson - bass, Allen Hinds - guitar)
October 13 Master class: Grenoble, France
October 27 Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden
November 14, 16, 17 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (w/the Portland Band)

Thanks to for tour info.
On some of the European shows Vannelli and Borstlap will be accompanied by drummer Erik Kooger and bass player Boudewijn Lucas.
By the way, the far north jazz festival has yet another Radio Dupree favorite on the bill: Jojje Wadenius.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekly Top 10 - September 16

1.David Bowie - Sound And Vision (bonus track '91 remix) - Low
2.King Crimson - Model Man - Three Of A Perfect Pair
=.David Bowie - Word On A Wing (CD bonus track) - Station To Station
4.David Bowie - Fame - Stage
=.David Bowie - This Is Not America - BBC Radio Theatre, London, June 27, 2000
6.The Rolling Stones - In Another Land - Their Satanic Majesties Request
7. Steely Dan - Almost Gothic - Two Against Nature
=.Jimi Hendrix - Message To Love - Live At Woodstock
9.Ben Webster & Joe Zawinul - Like Someone In Love - Soulmates
10. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - Gee - 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly (Beat The Boots 1)
=. Frank Zappa - Filthy Habits - FZ:OZ
=. Bruford - Sample And Hold - The Bruford Tapes

Friday, September 14, 2007

Led Zeppelin ... and the naughty Swedish bits

Here's a little link to a blog post in Swedish featuring a picture that we at Radio Dupree think you should ponder this weekend.
It all has to do with this weeks news that the remains of Led Zeppelin will once again reform for a one off gig and already 20 million fans have supposedly signed up online for a chance at one of those 20 000 or so tickets that will be sold.

Radio Dupree is pretty sure that out o all those 20 million registered at the special ticket site at least 15 million are by fake ticket scalpers who plan to sell their tickets at inflated prices as soon as they get them.

Radio Dupree is also pretty sure that the picture at this link is the weirdest of Led Zeppelin we've seen. Click on the pic in the post to get the full black and white photo of Led Zeppelin in Stockholm 1973 accepting gold records for sales. Nothing strange about that ... except for the place and the arrangement.
The four members of Led Zeppelin stand on stage at the Stockholm strip/sex club Chat Noir. In front of them are a number of gold record awards propped up against a small podium on which a male and a female - both naked - are in the middle of "getting it on".

We'd sure like to know who thought up this photo opportunity. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. And have a great weekend! :-)

P.S. This post is not published to give Walter Becker any ideas for marketing campaings and/or cover shoots for his forthcoming album. If he decides to be inspired by this Zeppelin photo a few stratecially placed Sadowsky guitars might come in handy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Led Zeppelin re-unites for one gig

Led Zeppelin will reform for a tribute concert to the Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun.
BBC reports that Led Zeppelin confirmes the idea of taking part in the tribute concert at the O2 arena in London on November 26.
Promoter Harvey Goldsmith tells BBC that tickets will only be available to those who registered on a dedicated website - and that there is a limit of two applications per household.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Joe Zawinul dies

Left to right: Joe Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Peter Erskine and Jaco Pastorius.

Keyboard player Joe Zawinul, father of the jazz-rock group Weather Report, died on September 11.
Zawinul was born in Austria in 1932.
He emigrated to the US in 1959, where he played with stars as Cannonball Adderley and Miles Davis.
In the 70's he formed Weather Report, a ground breaking group that came to include musicians as Wayne Shorter and Jaco Pastorius.
Zawinul suffered from skin cancer.

You can hear a couple of tracks from his performance at this summer's North Sea Jazz Festival as well as an interview from 2002 on this page thanks to Dutch radio. Click the audio/video link.
And our thanks to Gina over on Mizar 5 who found those links.

The classic Birdland:

And here's a number from July 2007 and a show celebrating Joe's 75 birthday:

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekly Top 10 - September 9

1. Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Be-bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church) - Roxy & Elsewhere
2. Robert Plant - Let's Have A Party - The Last Temptation Of Elvis
=. Peter Gabriel - Down The Dolce Vita - Peter Gabriel (1)
=. King Crimson - Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream - Thrak
=. John Fogerty - Summer Of Love - Revival
=. Frank Zappa - Black Napkins - Make A Jazz Noise Here
=. David Bowie - It Ain't Easy - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders from Mars
8. The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes - 35 Soulklassiker
=. The Rolling Stones - I Wanna Be Your Man - Singles Collection - The London Years
=. Frank Zappa - Pick Me, I'm Clean - Tinseltown Rebellion
=. David Bowie - Bombers (bonus track) - Hunky Dory
=. David Bowie - Suffragette City - Bowie At The Beeb

Zappa on top another week. This time with a little number from Roxy & Elsewhere. There's a bunch sharing second and eight position. We just couldn't separate them. But where ae the women??? It's not a male-only playlist on Radio Dupree, but by looking at the charts you could almost be fooled into believing that all you hear are men, men and more men.

The only "new" recording on the Top 10 this week is Summer Of Love from 62 year old John Fogerty and his upcoming album Revival. And with the rumoured news of a Led Zeppelin reunion being unveiled at a press junket this coming Wednesday it is somewhat fitting to have Robert Plant near the top this week.

Finally; if you wonder what strangely titled album that Undisputed Truth track is from, it's a Swedish compilation of 35 soul classics by various artists.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Weekend sounds: Zappa 1960's interview

Since we are playing the entire 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly album this month we thought that we could also pick an interview with Frank from one of his visits in Sweden in the 60's.
The album was recorded 1967 during Zappa's first tour in Sweden. The interview is "labeled" to be from 1967 but it's more possible that it was done in '68 since it includes songs from the We're Only In It For The Money which was released in 1968.
Frank tells his view on politics and religion and how they came up with the name The Mothers.
We have divided the interview in two parts (2:37 and 3:43) and we will play it on Saturday and Sunday just inbetween the other stuff. Please, let us know if you would like more stuff like this...or if you prefer "music only". Use the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" buttons.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Steely Dan goes down under.

The Steely Dan Heavy Rollers 2007 tour has left Japan and will hit Australia and New Zealand next, starting at the Sandalford Winery in Swan Valley, Perth, Australia Saturday September 8:

With this being the very first time Steely Dan tours either Australia and New Zealand, Radio Dupree hopes that the fans have their tickets and have a really great time over the next couple of weeks and nine shows!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekly Top 10 - September 2

Hey! We've just entered a new month and that means a new Album of the month. We added a couple of songs from it yesterday and what a quick and positive reaction we got! One of the songs from our Album of the month is on this weeks weekly Top 10. That actually is a Top 11 thanks to a shared 10 position.

Learn more about the Album of the month on our homepage as soon as we update it. And yes, in a perfect world it would be updated on the 1st of every month, but we're happy to be around to update it at all. So it's business as usual and expect it to morph into its September guise in another day or three. But feel free to check it out as it looks right now. OK. Here's the weekly chart as determined by our listeners:

1. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - It Can't Happen Here - 'Tis The Season To Be Jelly (Beat The Boots 1)
=. Frank Zappa - Dog Meat - The Dub Room Special (DVD)
=. Frank Zappa - Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk - Broadway The Hard Way
4. The Rolling Stones - Stoned - Singles Collection - The London Years
=. Genesis - That's Me (bonus track) - From Genesis To Revelation
6. The Jesus And Mary Chain - Guitar Man - The Last Temptation Of Elvis
=. David Bowie - The London Boys - Another Face
=. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Sun Zoom Spark - Clear Spot
=. Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Birthright - Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
10. Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth - Countdown To Ecstasy
=. Juicy Lucy - Willie The Pimp - Lie Back And Enjoy It

And here's a bonus: The view from one of the windows this chilly Sunday afternoon. Had to get the mobile/cellphone camera out just to catch the final rays of the sun as they bounce off the trunks and leaves. A sight that will become rare as the autumn and winter takes over here in Radio Dupree-land.

Download new Springsteen single for free

If you live in the US you go to the iTunes Store. In Europe and elsewhere it's The Guardian that has the new song Radio Nowhere as a free download for a week.

A third download site is radionowheredownload
You have to sign up with name/e-mail, but get a better sounding file than The Guardian one. 192 kbps instead of 128.

A short rocker with the E-Street Band and lyrics that can be seen as a critique of the bland music mix on commercial radio these days. Springsteen fans will like it, casual fans might say it sounds like Bruce but...
Go listen and see what you think!

The full album titled Magic will be out October 1.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Weekend music: NMKY

Yes, it's been around on YouTube for 2,5 months now, but we just found it. And since it's from our next-door neighbours in Finland and also has a thin but still connection to Frank Zappa, we decided to link it here as our Weekend Music. We're sure others - like us - has missed it and it is fun.

The Zappa connection? According to the site Killuglyradio the bass player is none other than Pekka Pohjola, who's played with Finnish prog band Wigwam and Mike Oldfield just to name two. Zappa had met Pekka in Finland and planned to record something with him. Plans that never was realised.

Go Finland!