Sunday, July 31, 2011

Icelandic Steely Dan covers from 1978

Meavwhile a trip back in time and two Steely Dan covers from the band Tivoli from Iceland as recorded back in 1978. Never heard these before!

(No, we don't know anyhthing about the band. Hopefully someone who does will leave a comment.)

UPDATE August 2:
Over on the BlueBook JungleMusic posted the following:

Tivoli was a working group in Reykjavik back in the 70's, playing dance music, mostly covers. Two of the members in the video, the keyboardist and the guitarist (well, one of them) went on to form a fusion group called Mezzoforte in the 80's. Mezzoforte still tour and show up in places like Indonesia, Japan and Norway every once in a while.

Newport Folk Festival - Live Now!

Here's the link!How about some Elvis Costello, Mavis Staples or Emmylou Harris? That's just three of the big names you can catch live or - after the fact - recorded and stored here:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Donald Fagen & Frank Zappa news

According to this run through of what's been happening in Sear Sound Studios in New York, Donald Fagen has been tracking in studio A with Michael Leonhart producing and Charlie Martinez engineering. So work on Mr. Fagen's upcoming solo album continues...

And in Studio C they've been classicizing Frank Zappa songs. Which means that songs were rescored for classical orchestral instruments. Produced by Susan Del Giorno from eONE with engineer Silas Brown at the board.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Dukes of September (Fagen, McDonald & Scaggs) touring in 2012

According to this interview with Michael McDonald, he, Boz Scaggs and Donald Fagen will reprise their 2010 tour as The Dukes of September early 2012.

Add that to this quote from Boz Scaggs that we reported i February about a PBS special and a wider tour, and it looks like that might be the tour to accompany Donald Fagen's upcoming solo album.

/thanks to steelydoc for the heads up over on

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Radio Dupree Top 16 - July 2011

1. Frank Zappa - Mar-queson's Chicken - Them Or Us

2. Christopher Cross - I Really Don't Know Anymore
Christopher Cross

3. Frank Zappa - Wild Love
Sheik Yerbouti

4. King Crimson
- Eyes Wide Open
The Power To Believe

5. Joni Mitchell - Number One
Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm

6. Allan Holdsworth
- The Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun)

7. Love - Andmoreagain
Forever Changes

8. Cream - Spoonful
Fresh Cream

9. Gentle Giant - No God's A Man
The Power And The Glory

10. Gil Scott-Heron - Pieces of A Man
Ghetto Style

11. Donald Fagen - Mary Shut The Garden Door - Morph The Cat
12. Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood - Peter Gabriel
13. The Doors - Five To One - Absolutely Live
14. Genesis - Back In N.Y.C. - Genesis Archive 1967-75
15. Steely Dan - Show Biz Kids - Countdown To Ecstasy
16. The Doors - Hello, I Love You - Waiting For The Sun

Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree

Monday, July 04, 2011

Steely Dan live 2011: Portland setlist


Here's the link to Portland setlist.

And for all you scanners the link as QR code:

QR is the code, baby!
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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Steely Dan live 2011: Seattle premiere tonight!

Steely Dan fans can follow the premiere show in Seattle with the setlist being tweeted on!/dandomdotcom

And you can join in the discussion over at

Show starts 8 pm local time. That's 5 in the morning Euopean time. For other time zones please see here:

- - - UPDATE July 3: - - -


Here's the setlist from yesterday's opening show!

QR-code to setlist link for all you scanners out there!
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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Walter Becker on the tour, backup singers and the future

Photo: Sandrine LeeToday is the day! Steely Dan's Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven starts with a show in Seattle.
John Fisher from Seattle radio station 103.7 The Mountain talks to Walter Becker. The 10 minute interview is divided into three parts and available on John's blog:

Part 1 - Preparing for the tour and playing complete albums in sequence.
Part 2 - The importance of backup singers.
Part 3 - What's in the future for Steely Dan?

Our guess is that part three is the one most Steely Dan fans would listen to first. But the whole interview is worth hearing. As far as part three goes Walter mentions having to finish a couple of unfinished tunes from the 1970's or realizing how we want to play them on the tour.
And that one of the nice things in his life now is not having to plan too far in advance. So nothing about any new Steely Dan album, but Walter mentions Donald Fagen's solo record and adds the he himself is "always diddling away on something".

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