Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Neb and Sigurd here wishing you all a superb weekend and Happy Holiday - whatever you call it and however you celebrate it!

And here's the official RadioDupree Christmas Chart of our currently most popular tunes as voted by our listeners:

1. Frank Zappa - Mudd Club - Thing-Fish
2. The Band - Christmas Must Be Tonight - Here Is Christmas
3. Donald Fagen - New Frontier - The Nightfly
4. Nouvelle Vague - Too Drunk To Fuck - Nouvelle Vague
5. Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? - The Wall
6. Kate Bush - December Will Be Magic Again - Here Is Christmas
7. Jethro Tull - Another Christmas Song - Here Is Christmas
8. Steely Dan - Slang Of Ages - Everything Must Go
9. Mojo Nixon - Trim Yo' Tree - Horny Holidays
10. Jeff Beck - Shapes Of Things - Truth

Chistmas gifts galore! Donald, Frank ... and Walter!

Walter BeckerIt does feel like Christmas over here at RadioDupree! With the news of upcoming albums from our favourite artists arriving like gifts in time for Christmas.

December has been full of the stuff:
* Donald Fagen's third solo album officially named, with track titles and a possible "early 2006 release".
* Frank Zappa delivers another set of goodies from the vaults in the form of Joe's XMasage.
* Frank Zappa (again!) due to relsease an album of a live stuff from the early 70's; Imaginary Diseases.

Let's add this weeks news about Donald confirming a solo theater tour to promote his album, and also being quoted in Rolling Stone saying that Steely Dan companion Walter Becker (pictured above) is busy in New York recording a new album of his own.

Good news indeed!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yet another new Zappa release!

The Zappa Family Trust seem to have another goodie ready for release.
It's a CD entitled Imaginary Diseases and seem to consist of live recordings by the so called Petit Wazoo band.
This was the stripped down band that went on tour in the US and Canada in the fall of 1972 right after the Grand Wazoo tour was finished. Zappa found the Grand Wazoo big band too big for a touring band. The Petit Wazoo included Jim Gordon, Tony Duran, Earl Dumler, Tom Malone, Dave Parlato and others and had more of a blues feel compared to the Grand Wazoo orchestra.
RadioDupree is just about to put one of the tracks from this new release on the playlist.

Monday, December 19, 2005

New CD by Wasa Express

Åke on the job in 1976.

Swedish prog/fusion veterans has released a new CD.
The Wasa Express guys (including the slightly mad Åke Eriksson on drums) were kind of fusion heroes in Sweden in the late 70's.
I do not remember how long ago it was since their previous album came out...but it sure wasn't yesterday.
The new CD is entitled Wasa Express Goes To Hollywood.
We are just about to upload one sneak preview track on our playlist.
/ Siggy

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Weekend music

Carolina MiskovskyTime to deliver some music for the weekend, and I thought I'd point you in the direction of Swedish TV4:s video thingy. Fresh from this past Friday you can find our friend Carolina Miskovsky singing two of her songs:

Remember Me

Like Wine

But there's also other performances on video including The Cardigans and Roxette frontman Per Gessle under his new moniker Son of a Plumber.
Or how about some Soundtrack of our Lives?

OK. Go explore!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Elton in Stockholm

I did see Elton John and the band perform in Stockholm on December 3.
Sat in the third row and this is a picture of drummer Nigel Olsson and guitarist Davey Johnstone, both veterans of Elton's band.

Thought I'd post at least one picture just to get the show outta my system and onto this blog.

I've seen Elton about five times, and this evening he was in better form than in many a year/show. He was having fun between numbers and serving up a few of his tried and true numbers slightly rearranged.

As a longtime fan it was a night to remember. And I will!


Elton John tour program 2005
The Peachtree Road tour program front

Thursday, December 15, 2005

New: Joe's XMASage

Zappa's Joe's XMASage
"New in the Corsaga of your dreams.
More Adventures circa 1963 from the Vault.
More Holiday Spirit (ooh to oh!).
Festive - Fervent - Fabulous!"

1. Mormon Xmas Dance Report
2. Prelude To "The Purse"
3. Mr. Clean (Alternate Mix)
4. Why Don'tcha Do Me Right?
5. The Muthers/Power Trio
6. The Purse
7. The Moon Will Never Be The Same
8. GTR Trio
9. Suckit Rockit
10. Mousie's First Xmas
11. The Uncle Frankie Show

Sounds on

RadioDupree has listened to the sound snippets on
Why Don’tcha Do Me Right? seems to be a previously unreleased version.
There are also radio/interview selections that sound like The Uncle Frankie Show.

There album also seem to include the entire tune Bossa Nova Pervertamento. I appears in a short form on the Mystery Disc CD, with talk mixed over the music.
On this new CD it is probably the one entitled GTR Trio.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend music

Asha AliI know the weekend's almost over, but I thought I'd resurrect the "weekend music"-posting that I've run here from time to time.

Basically just a link to some music I find interesting and most often just stumbled upon while traveling the Internet more or less without a plan.
If the music is Made in Sweden it's even better. Nothing wrong with supporting your own country.

So here we have a woman from Stockholm named Asha Ali. I picked up her five track EP released in September and the record company describes her as Jeff Buckley meets Joni Mitchell in a suburb to Stockholm.

It's pretty low-key and soulful.

Today I found the video to one of her songs and if the Buckley/Mitchell line got you interested I suggest you go watch it here.
It will open up a player with a few other videos/artists as well.

And perhaps continue by visiting her homepage

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Q-Unit in da houseLike the fun in a mashup? You know, taking two or more songs and mixing them together. If you answer "yes" to that you might want to check this link out:

It will bring you to a site offering an 11-track mash-up of Queen and 50 Cent titled Q-unit. It will probably be stopped pretty quick by the record company/companies, but as I type it's still there. And, IMHO, pretty fun to listen to. Especially if you're familiar with the music of Queen and 50 Cent.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Donald's next one!

Donald Fagen
Donald Fagen getting ready to morph the cat...

The latest news regarding Donald Fagen's upcoming solo album is that the title will be Morph the Cat. Nine brand new tracks and due "early next year". Read more about it on the RadioDupree homepage, where you can also find a lot of other interesting stuff to read including our Album of The Month; Pink Floyd's The Wall.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

From Sunday swing to reality check in 10 minutes...

Nils and JoeSat listening to the brand new Creole Love Call CD. A collaboration between Swedish trombonist Nils Landgren and keyboard legend Joe Sample (The Crusaders). It's music with a New Orleans touch, so I wasn't surprised to find the name Neville among the musicians listed on the back cover.

This time it was Charmaine Neville, daughter of Charles Neville of Neville Brothers fame. She shares a duet with Nils on one track.
I was curious and went looking for more info on this person from the Neville family that I'd never heard of before.

Charmaine NevilleGooglin' my way around the Internet finding photos and information here and there I suddenly came across a video where Charmaine, as one of the survivors of hurricane Katarina, tells a horrifying story filmed and broadcast by local tv-station; WAFB, Baton Rouge.

Watch it by clicking here or the subject line above.

Then go to Louisiana Music Factory and check out the music available. How about Voice of the Wetlands ; a direct reaction to the devastation brought by Katarina or maybe Celebrations of New Orleans Music - For Musicares Hurricane Relief 2005.
You can also find three of Charmaines records there.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Moon Unit tops list of bizarre names

Moon Unit Zappa
"What, me worry?"

Moon Unit Zappa tops an online poll of most bizarre names. Her brother Dweezil is number seven.

AFP reports that 2,300 people took part in the poll which was carried out by online entertainment site

The child of yet another RadioDupree favorite is found as number nine: David Bowie's son Zowie Bowie.

RadioDupree station manager Sigurd Huckle can't say nothing but "Wowie Zowie!"

Here is the entire top ten list:

1. Moon Unit - Frank Zappa
2. Apple - Chris Martin (Coldplay)/Gwyneth Paltrow
3. Misty Kyd - Sharleen Spiteri (Texas)
4. Geronimo - Alex James (Blur)
5. Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lily - Michael Hutchence/Paula Yates
6. Dandelion - Keith Richards (Rolling Stones)
7. Dweezil - Frank Zappa
8. Elijah Bob Patricius Guggi Q - Bono (U2)
9. Zowie Bowie - David Bowie
10. Rufus Tiger - Roger Taylor (Queen)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

We have a winner ...! The next one could be Y-O-U!

Greta, flowers, CD and a guy... :-)
Greta recieving the disc and flowers

Saturday saw the first winner in RadioDupree's current competition recieving her prize; a copy of Kate Bush brand new album Aerial. The record - Kate's first in 12 years - have recieved glowing reviews and is also the Album of the Month here at RadioDupree.

Greta Hilmersson is our first winner and also a faithful listener to RadioDupree:
"I just love the music you guys play! And there's always surprises that will put a smile on your face. As a longtime fan of Kate Bush I was thrilled to see her new album be the featured record for the month of November. RadioDupree rocks!"

Thanks to Greta living close to our headquarters we arranged a small prize ceremony at the Österboda Hyresgästlokal with catering by Pizzeria Nya Sicilia and additional flowers supplied by Birgittas Blommor & Bröd.
Our janitor Heikki's brother in law Mats did the honors and was the lucky chap who handed Greta her prize. You can see them both pictured above.

And now it could be your turn to win a copy of the double album Aerial. For all the details of how to enter just click this link:

RadioDupree competition

And why not check out the RadioDupree homepage while you're at it. It's got the answers that you'll need...

RadioDupree homepage

Album of the Month - Kate Bush Aerial

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Current favourites

Win Kate's latest!So what are the statistic probabilities that two albums next to each other on the Current Favourites Top 10 have the word "sandwich" in the title?

Whatever the answer is it's happened!

1. Steely Dan - Negative Girl - Two Against Nature
2. Donald Fagen - Teahouse On The Tracks - Kamakiriad
3. Frank Zappa - Camarillo Brillo - Baby Snakes DVD
4. David Bowie - All The Young Dudes - The Best Of Bowie 1969-74
5. David Bowie - Bombers (CD bonus track) - Hunky Dory
6. David Bowie - 1984 - Diamond Dogs
7. Adam Sandler - Werewolves Of London - Enjoy Every Sandwich: The Songs Of Warren Zevon
8. Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Valarie - Burnt Weeny Sandwich
9. Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Uneasy Sunny Day Hotsy Totsy - Do It Yourself
10. Jethro Tull - Old Ghosts - Stormwatch

Wanna win Kate Bush latest; Aerial? Check the post down the page!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Zeppelin gets Polar Prize

Veteran rock group Led Zeppelin gets the Polar Music Prize 2006.

They share the award with the russian conductor Valerij Gergiev.

The ceremonies will take place in Stockholm on may 22nd.

The award will be handed over by Carl XVI Gustaf, king of Sweden.

It consists of one million Swedish kronor each. Well, one million for Gergiev and one million for the Led Zep lads to share.



Sunday, November 06, 2005

Smile? Naah ... it's all about the money ...

Mike Love and Brian Wilson

Mike Love (the guy on the left) is suing his cousin and former Beach Boys bandmate Brian Wilson (on the right.) It's not the first time.

Love formed The Beach Boys in 1961 with Wilson, Wilson's brothers Carl and Dennis, and Wilson's friend Al Jardine.

According to Associated Press,
Love filed the lawsuit Thursday accusing Wilson of promoting his 2004 album Smile in a manner that "shamelessly misappropriated Mike Love's songs, likeness and the Beach Boys trademark, as well as the Smile album itself."

Love objected to a promotion in which 2.6 million copies of a Beach Boys compilation CD were given away to readers of Britain's The Daily Mail on Sunday newspaper. The lawsuit said the giveaway undercut the band's sales. The lawsuit seeks damages, including "millions of dollars in illicit profits," and seeks at least $1 million for international advertising "to correct the effects of ... unfair competition and infringing uses."

Love's lawyer says it's nothing personal.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

How about some Kate?

We're in a XMassy, giving mood here at RadioDupree, so why not try another giveaway?
You can be the winner of a copy of our Album of the Month; Kate Bush brand new Aerial, just by entering a simple competition.

All you have to do is send and email to with your name and address and the answer to the following question:

This is the second Kate Bush album to be picked as Album of the Month by RadioDupree. But what's the name of the first one?

Hint: Go look for the answer over at RadioDupree's homepage!

Aerial is released worldwide next week, but we already have tracks spinning on our station.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Mike Stern: "Sometimes I was worse than Jaco"

Mike Stern

Guitar techniques, the days with Miles Davis and Jaco Pastorius were the main topics when guitarist Mike Stern held a clinic during the Umeå Jazz Festival on October 30th.

"I'm a rock guy", explained Stern at the clinic on the last day of Umeå Jazz Festival 2005 (Sweden).

Stern's first musical influences were rock orientated artists like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Motown music.
"I started by playing along to all those records. I also found some of my mother's jazz records which I found were cool too."

Mike Stern got to play guitar on Miles Davis' comeback album The Man With The Horn in 1981.
"I played with Bill Evans in Boston and Bill also played with Miles. At the time Miles didn't go along too well with his guitarplayer (Barry Finnerty)...on a personal level. And then, on behalf on Miles, Bill asked me to play guitar with Miles. There was no actual audition. I was just invited to a recording session."

Stern didn't always feel comfortable with his own playing but Miles seemed to be vary satisfied:
"We're going on a tour." Mike Stern told the clinic audience that he asked who else would be in the band and Miles replied: "No keyboards. Just you!"

Mike Stern was a friend of another jazz legend as well, electric bass phenomenon Jaco Pastorius:
"I played in his Word Of Mouth band for a while and sometimes I would go to Florida and we would play all day long. We hung around a lot". Mike smiled at the memories but also admitted that Jaco led a hectic life and a life that wasn't always that healthy: "And sometimes I was worse than Jaco."

Mike Stern's and bass player Chris Minh Doky's first tune at the clinic was Autumn Leaves. Later a couple of young music students (guitar players) joined in on stage. Inbetween songs the audience asked questions. Stern and Minh Doky also played Stella By Starlight and the "show" closed with a blues. Yes, I would say it was really a show, and I wish more jazz events could be like this, since jazz musicians obviously can speak well too.

Sigurd Huckle

Saturday, October 29, 2005

: - ) (click here!)

We're batting 1000!
"1000"?! What does it mean? Answers by clicking the headline!

Advances (?) in touring... just send the instruments!

Elton John's red piano on tour ... all by itself!
The red piano on tour ... all by itself!

Elvis has been out on tour with a live orchestra after his death. And Frank Sinatra will do the same in London early next year. On both occasions the singer is there thanks to old film footage and then performing with a live band/orchestra. But how's this for a novel twist:

Elton John's piano is currently touring stores in the U.S.A. Just the piano. No additional musicians or stage happenings. You can still enjoy a performance by Elton as the piano comes with a number of his performances stored in its memory. Simply pick what song you want Elton/the piano to play, sit down and enjoy the music.

Think of all the possibilities! The money saved on tours by big name artists if they just send the pre-programmed instruments.
RadioDupree promise to keep an eye on this expandning side of popular culture.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New album from Deep Purple

Deep Purple Rapture Of The Deep cover art
Just got our hands on a promo single from Deep Purple's new album. The official release date is October 26...hey, it's today!
It's the title track Rapture Of The Deep and we will put it on a-rotation for a couple of days. The current line up is: Ian Gillan vocals, Ian Paice drums, Roger Glover bass, Steve Morse guitar och Don Airey keyboard.
Sigurd Huckle
Station Manager

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Let's hear it for Ian Dury

Ian Dury
I just wiped the dust off a couple of good Ian Dury albums. I used to love these ones as a teenager, and I do still like them. And maybe other people will enjoy them. So I figured we should try some of them on RadioDupree.

Just a few words about Mr Dury: British singer and songwriter. Born in the early 1940's. Had polio as a child. Cockney, funny words and lyrics, warmth, hurmor, energy, slight madness. Had a hit record with Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. Ackompanied by the great band The Blockheads. Got cancer in the 90's. Did his last gig with The Blockheads in February 2000 at The London Palladium. Died in March 2000. We miss you, Ian!


Friday, October 21, 2005

Hot Hits! (...while we're waiting for the cold snow.)

Current top of the crop over at RadioDupree:

1. Steely Dan - Turn That Heartbeat Over Again - Can't Buy A Thrill
2. Peter Gabriel - And Through The Wire - Peter Gabriel (3)
3. King Crimson - Model Man - Three Of A Perfect Pair
4. Frank Zappa - Dirty Love - You Can't Do That On Stage...6
5. Elton John - Pinball Wizard - Live - Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
6. Blues Brothers - Soul Finger - The Definitive Collection
7. Steely Dan - Kings - Can't Buy A Thrill
8. Status Quo - Judy in Disquise (BBC Sessions) - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo
9. Status Quo - Gentlemen Joe's Sidewalk Cafe - Picturesque Matchstickable Messages From The Status Quo
10. Frank Zappa - Uncle Remus - Apostrophe (')

And we're enjoying what's left of the no-snow situation here. Temperatures creepin' below 0 degrees Celsius, so next time it won't be rain but that white fluffy stuff falling from the sky.

Time to dig out (dig up?) some treats for Halloween. Listen in to the station in a few days time and be prepared to be scared!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Extended holiday...?

Captain Fantastic 30 year Deluxe Edition package
The Deluxe Edition

No, not really. This gap in posting is due to a bunch of things of which a couple of parties are part of.

Party = A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement.

So what's the current favs over at the RadioDupree playlist? Here's the answer:

1. David Bowie - Star - Stage
2. Talking Heads - The Overload - Remain In Light
3. Sly & The Family Stone - Family Affair - West Coast Rock
4. Jethro Tull - Crossed-eyed Mary - Live Bursting Out
5. David Bowie - Speed Of Life - Stage

My latest purchase is the 30 year deluxe edition of Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. And for once they've not managed to mangle an Elton John re-release. You get the original poster and lyrics and scrap books plus a live recording from Wembley Stadium, London of the preformance of the complete album. Recorded June 21, 1975 it was just a couple of weeks after the Captain Fantastic... was released. The show is full of energy and I recommend this new CD version to any Elton fan.

Steely Dan connection: Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - who was by then a member of The Doobie Brothers - plays guitar and steel guitar on the Wembley recording.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

RadioDupree breaks world record! (Sort of ... a local one).

Siggy says...

RadioDupree just reached over 800 hours total listening per month. Never before (since we started in April 2003) have people listened to us as much as during the recent month. We're still a small player, but...

US listeners are our most frequent listeners, and other RadioDupree friendly countries are Norway (Hello Marve and Tryggve and Solveig!) , Sweden (Hello Lumsgren) , Italy (Hi Maurizio!) and Australia. You guys and gals are the best! Keep listening and keep spread the word. Here is the music that we hardly ever get to hear anywhere...but on RadioDupree!


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Merry Christm... eh October!

We've updated the RadioDupree homepage today! Check it out.

And while Christmas is still more than two months away it's not too early for me to publish a short wishlist thanks to the Neiman Marcus department stores luxury catalog of "fantasy gifts". Come to think of it; if you feel like buying me something before Christmas I do have a birthday coming up in a week's time ;-)

$1.5 million: A 90 minute private concert with Elton John. Apparently you get to keep the piano.
Elton John and the red piano

$3.5 million: Prototype M400 Skycar. My own personal vertical take-off and landing aircraft. 21 miles to the gallon ... on alcohol.

$200 000: Railroad complete with two high-side riding gondolas with three cushioned seats, a banquet car with oak decking, a steelwork caboose with interchangeable seat and work crane, a passenger station, switches and eight signs. Plus 1 000 feet of track.

$20 000: Photobooth.
The photobooth

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stevie Wonder's new one has landed ... and it's great!

Cover of A Time 2 Love

I've been a fan of Stevie since the early 70's, but my interest faded after a trickle of dull albums. Come to think of it, the final Stevie record I bought and liked was Hotter Than July back in 1980.

But just like Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones, Stevie seem to have found some of his old power and put it to good use on the new album titled A Time 2 Love.
It's been 10 years since the last record, and the two songs heard earlier this year; So What The Fuss and From The Bottom Of My Heart signalled a sound closer to Stevie in the 70s than the 80's or 90s. And that can only be a good thing.

Originally set for release in May this year, it has been pushed forward again and again, and when it was suddenly last week announced for release who could really believe it?

October 18 is the date for the CD, but September 27 saw A Time 2 Love ready for download through iTunes and a bunch of other legal stores. Supposedly to make the September 30 deadline for a chance to get a Grammy nomination.

So how does it sound? It's funky, it's classy and it's fun! The slow ballads don't just drone along and mark time. No, they're alive!

Dub Room Special for X-mas?

Cover of Dub Room video
The very modest 1982 package of The Dub Room Special. Original VHS release on Barking Pumpkin.

Good news for Zappa fans: The Dub Room Special will be released on DVD during the fall and at least two CD's by the end of this year. Well, this is what Gail Zappa says and the report comes from the Zappa site The Idiot Bastard Son .

The Dub Room Special is a 1½ hour collection of live footage from 1974 and 1981. Initially it was released on VHS via mail order.
The Idiot assumes that one of the two CD's will be Trance-fusion, Zappa's third collection of guitar solos which has been ready for release for several years but still hasn't made it. (Nonetheless it has been circulating in the underground domains for years).

Monday, September 26, 2005

Long awaited box from Neil Young

Neil Young will, at last, put a cd box together, with no less than 8 discs. Rolling Stone reports that Young has talked about this for years and finally it seems to turn into reality. The collection will include recordings from 1963, songs with the band The Squires and a live recording from Toronto 1970. The box will be released next year.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

No more Focus on RadioDupree

RadioDupree out of focus...

We hereby inform you that Focus, the special instrumental hour on RadioDupree (actually 30 minutes twice a day) does nor exist anymore. We had it running for a couple of months but since we like things to happen all the time we decided we had enough of it. But don't worry, the instrumentals will be there, but included in the ordinary playlists along with songs with plenty of vocals in'em. Makes a more dynamic broadcast, we think.
Songs included on the playlists today:
* The Beatles - Baby's In Black (Another great pop dittie by our lads)
* The Allman Brothers - The Fillmore Concerts (Zappa did a cover of this)
* Frank Zappa - Sharleena (Alternative version w/Sugar Cane Harris!)
* James Brown - Too Funky (Ain't it funky now?)
* Emerson Lake & Palmer - Tarkus (Prog rockers unite!)

Kate Moss on RadioDupree??

Kate Moss

I think her title is "supermodel". Kate Moss has been in the news this past week after the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph published photos of her snorting cocaine.

There must be more interesting things happening around the globe, but western media gave Kate and the story far too much room. Especially junk newspapers like The Sun and its ilk. You know, make-it-up-as-we-go-papers busy being horrified over the same sex and drugs "scandals" that they themselves make a profit off reporting.

I saw it as a sign when I stumbled upon a CD-single I had plain forgotten we had here at RadioDupree; Some Velvet Morning by Primal Scream featuring none other than ... Kate Moss!
A cover of a song written by Lee Hazlewood this is appearently a "new version" that appeared on Primal Scream's Dirty Hits compilation. The groups original cover is on Evil Heat.

Anyhooo... I saw this "find" as a sign. It wants to get played and I've added it to the RD playlist. If Siggy - who's in charge right now - hasn't already deleted it, you can tune in to hear Kate Moss give it some rock. And roll.

And while we're on what's currently playing on the station:

Listener's favorites right now

1. Steely Dan - Your Gold Teeth - Countdown To Ecstasy
2. Godley & Creme - Submarine - Images
3. Allan Holdsworth - City Nights - Secrets
4. Frank Zappa - A Token Of My Extreme - Joe's Garage
5. Peter Gabriel - No Self Control - Peter Gabriel (3)

Enjoy the weekend!

The Steely Dan - Cathy Berberian connection!

Steely Dan and Cathy Berberian

October's almost here and that means that we'll feature a new Album of the Month. But before we roll September's record back into the vaults I'd just like to mention the link that exists between RadioDupree perennials Steely Dan and the artist on this months Album of the Month; Cathy Berberian.

If you listen to the lyrics of the song Your Gold Teeth from Steely Dan's 1973 Countdown To Ecstasy you'll hear the line:

Even Cathy Berberian knows, there's one roulade she can't sing...

For more on Cathy Berberian and her Beatles Arias, please visit the RadioDupree homepage.
And we're playing the song Your Gold Teeth on the station this week.

Why not drop by The Steely Dan Dictionary? Far from complete it still explains a handful of references in Steely Dan lyrics.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Brand new Bush

Kate Bush on the BBC homepage

With the premiere of Kate Bush new single just some 10 or so hours away the BBC makes the most of the "event".
And to fans of Kate Bush it is.

One of us at RD (hint: it's not Siggy) likes Kate enough to promise a swift add to our playlist. It can't be bad ... can it?

Bruce celebrates with a cd box

Original Born To Run promo ad
Original 1975 ad.

It is 30 years since Bruce Springsteen's breakthru album Born To Run was released and Swdish daily Aftonbladet reports that The Boss will celebrate this anniversary with a cd box by the end of this year. It will include a remastered version of the album and a dvd with a previously unreleased live 1975 concert from London...and a documentary on the recording of Born To Run.

Jimi's home saved

Jimi leaning back

The house in Seattle where Jimi Hendrix lived as a child is saved at last. NME reports that the James Marshall Hendrix Foundation together with the owner of the house and the city has agreed to save the house from demolition. It will be moved and restored and will be used to tell the history of Hendrix.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kate Bush: New album in November

Kate Bush

Apparently the record company published the official news two weeks ago, but even though we've glanced over at the Kate Bush camp after the rumours of a new record started to grow, we managed to miss the actual news. Just saw it today.

Maybe it was the it's almost here - oh no, it's not of Stevie Wonders early spring album that led us to expect something similar from Kate. Who's latest CD was released back in 1993. But it looks like she'll manage what Stevie failed to; getting that album out!

October 24: New single King Of The Mountain. And she has somehow decided to pass RadioDupree by and let BBC premiere it this coming Wednesday (September 21) between 9.30 and 10.30 a.m. on Radio 2.

November 7: The album titled Aerial is released. A double album with one of the CDs containing a track 35 minutes long.

It's interesting to note that there's no cover art or new publicity photos available. And Kate Bush is still without an official site! Maybe all part of the secret and mysterious recluse persona she and/or the media have been cultivating for ... quite some time.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bye bye to spammers ... for now

Word verification panel

I never stop being surprised by these halfwits spamming everything in sight on the Internet. Like they think I'll feel friendly towards them and spend my money after they've delivered their unsolicited junk.

The problem is of course not with these prime examples why the capitalist view of the world ultimately is doomed, but the fact that enough people keep answering these spam messages and - even worse - buy the garbage they push.

This is not a blog that inspires comments. I think we've had four since we started. And two of those came from spammers. But they have come in the last month or so, meaning that there will be more if I don't swith on the "word verification" settings preventing automated/robot spammers from adding their noise to this blog. To post a comment you'll have to verify a word, something it takes a human being to do. And so the automatic spam programmes are unable to spam this blog. At least for now.

The fight continues. And I wish I had the connections to be able to make a call and one hour later the offending account and ISP would be shut down, but... In real life I will have to settle for minimising my own irritation. Word verification is one way of achieving that goal.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Guitars stolen

Swedish rock stars Mikael Rickfors and Mats Ronander have lost their beloved guitars. In August someone stole them from the touring bus.

News bureau TT reports that the thieves have contacted Rickfors and Ronander and offered them the instruments back, but they will have to "buy" them back.

The police has taken one person as a suspect.

The guitars are worth a couple of 100.000 swedish kronor (about 13 000 US$).

-- S.H. --

Here comes the weekend

Okie dokie... The weekend's here and we're a couple of degrees closer to winter compared to a week ago. The sun's been kind to us this week, but the nights are getting longer and we're lucky to get 15 degrees Celsius.

Taking a peek at the listener's favorites right now gives me this list:
1.Frank Zappa - St Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast - You Can't Do That On Stage...1
2.Captain Beefheart - Making Love To A Vampire... - Doc At The Radar Station
3.King Crimson - Providence - Red
4.Hot Butter - Popcorn - Best of Moog - Electronic Pop Hits from the 60's & 70's
5.Ruth Wallis - Boobs - Ruth Wallis' Greatest Hits
6.King Crimson - Peoria - Earthbound
7.Peter Gabriel - Biko - Peter Gabriel (3)
8.Todd Rundgren - Pulse - Healing
9.The Rolling Stones - This Place Is Empty - A Bigger Bang
10. Frank Zappa - Broken Hearts Are For Assholes - Sheik Yerbouti

Looks like I might have to dig out a couple of old synth albums and the odd Todd LP of yore.
Have fun and enjoy life wherever you are. I'll try to myself.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Another weekend...

Shuggie Otis
Shuggie Otis did some studio session work. Hear it on RadioDupree right now!

...but one where we update our RadioDupree homepage. Which mean a lot of stuff. A new chart and some new news. Plus we're trying out a new webcam/webradio "thingy" that might be online any day, week or month now.
The technical side is not the difficult one. At least not compared to the legal one.
So whatever might be coming your way in the form of sound and/or vision is proabbly all legal and very, very, very exclusive RadioDupree!


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Update just around the corner

August over and September here. And it's just about time for our monthly update over at the RadioDupree homepage.

Expect a new chart, a new Album of the month and some news to keep you informed and entertained.


Sunday, August 28, 2005

August 27: Back on the air again!

It didn't take long for the people to fix it. We're back on the air again and sounding fresher than ever. In part due to the fact that most of the past seven days worth of updates got wiped out in the process.

No worries! We've updated the playlist to finish August with a whole lot of "new" sounds. That may very well date back to the 60s and 70s ... but you know what we 're trying to say.

Happy listening!
Sigurd Huckle

Friday, August 26, 2005

August 26: RadioDupree off the air!

It's not our fault. It's live365 updating its computer system. Something happened and currently 1/3 of all stations won't run.

We just have to wait for the tech guys over there to do their job. Hopefully we'll be back up and playing in a few hours time. These things have happened in the past as well, and it's usually just a question of hours before live365 has it sorted out.

For the latest comments from live365 regarding the repairs click here or the title headline.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Flying with Mats and Morgan

The cover of the brand new album

Mats/Morgan Band has released a new CD!
Swedish keyboardist Mats Öberg and drummer Morgan Ågren will forever be remembered as the two youngsters that played with Frank Zappa during his show in Stockholm in May 1988.

"I remember that!" says RadioDupree station manager Sigurd Huckle. "I was there. They jammed on a then unreleased Zappa tune that we know as T'Mershi Duween. Frank told the amazed audience that he though those guys were great!"

The lads have formed a band of their own and they certainly play music of their own too. The music isn't exactly middle of the road but Mats/Morgan Band has managed to find an Sweden, France, the US and elsewhere...

This is Mats and Morgan's seventh album and it sounds more dynamic than some of the previous ones. The fast and furious instrumentals are still here, but also some more slow and mellow tunes. Check out RadioDupree to hear some of them.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Robert Moog dead at 71

Robert Moog
Robert Moog

On the day that we start our instrumental theme on our Focus half hours, comes the news that the man who invented one of the most important instruments of the 20 century has passed away.

The official press-release says:
"Bob was diagnosed with brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme or GBM) in late April 2005. He had received both radiation treatment and chemotherapy to help combat the disease. He is survived by his wife, Ileana, his five children, Laura Moog Lanier, Matthew Moog, Michelle Moog-Koussa, Renee Moog, and Miranda Richmond; and the mother of his children, Shirleigh Moog.

Bob was warm and outgoing. He enjoyed meeting people from all over the world. He especially appreciated what Ileana referred to as "the magical connection" between music-makers and their instruments.

Synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog's interest in electronic music began at an early age when he and his father built theremins, one of the earliest electronic musical instruments. As a student at Cornell University in 1963, he created the Moog Modular Synthesizer, his first prototype. After successfully introducing it at the Audio Engineering Society Convention and working with composer Herbert Deutsch, it was made commercially available in 1964.

Moog's place in music history was cemented after Wendy Carlos prominently featured his synthesizer on her 1968 Grammy-winning album Switched On Bach, giving his creation fame and respect.

More on his MiniMoog and his career can be read here.

The original MiniMoog:
The original MiniMoog

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Focus on instrumental music!


Hey! How's it going? Another week is just around the corner (or has begun). It all depends on what day starts the week where you live. Here in Sweden it's Monday. In other places Sunday. Whatever day we will bring you some instrumental tunes during our Focus half hours this week.

Focus comes your way twice a day with a special theme. And this time around it's all instrumental music presented by our autumn-ready DJ Jean Pierre. Starting Monday.
Check out the schedule here and do write us and say what you'd like to have a whole 30 minute Focus show about:

In the mean time, here's the current Top 10. Ususally presented on Mondays but today it's Sunday and the figures date back to Saturday. But ... so what? Current favourites played on the station are:

1. Tasavallan Presidentti - Last Quarters

2. Rebecca Pidgeon
- Ordinary Blues
Tough On Crime

3. The Who
- A Legal Matter
Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy

4. King Crimson
- People

5. Allan Holdsworth
- Panic Station
Metal Fatigue

6. Lana Lane
- Do It Again
Curious Goods Special Edition

7. George Duke
- Uncle Remus
The Aura Will Prevail

8. David Bowie
- Who Can I Be Now?
Young Americans

9. bwaySteve
- Bad Sneakers
Yellow Peril

10. Todd Rundgren
- Golden Goose

Friday, August 19, 2005

Rosanne "Home At Last"

Roseanne Agasee
Rosanne Agasee doin' Steely Dan

Being a presenter on Canada's The Shopping Channel and covering a Steely Dan tune? No problem if your name is Rosanne Agasee. Got the CD "Home At Last" a few weeks ago, but haven't really had time to listen to it.
But as a Steely Dan fan her version of "Home At Last" is a welcome addition to the slowly rising stack of records containing other artists interpretations of Steely Dan tracks.

You can listen and read more over at

Announcing: The winners!

The results are in from our latest competition. It's obvious that winning a free CD is nothing that interest the average RD listener. We go nil, zero, nada answers to our question regarding the Focus halfhour you can hear two times a day on RadioDupree. So no winners. The CDs stay put.

Regardless the half hour with a theme will continue. For the exact times to listen where you live check out our schedule here.

Want another competition? Mail us and we'll give you one. But not before.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

RadioDupree needs even more listeners

- Something happened when July turned into August, says RadioDupree station manager Sigurd Huckle.
Mr Huckle talks about the increasing number of listeners that seem to have found their way to this web radio station extraordinaire.
- You know the summer use to be kind of off season for us, which is understandable since people go for vacation and stay outside a lot.
Not much listening, but anyhow we managed to hang in, says Sigurd Huckle, and now he is satisfied to see that figures of listening hours are going up all the time the most recent weeks.
He has a big smile on his face as he expects more and more music lovers to find their way to RadioDupree. And to round things off he has an important public service announcement to make:
- I'd like to ask our regulars to tell their friends about RadioDupree. We have a lot of new music lurking in the vault as well as the ol' "hits". It's hard these days to reach out with a message, you know. So...let's spred the rumour, friends! Just tell'em to go to and search for RadioDupree. Thanks!
***Carl Lumsgren, guest blog editor***

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Win a CD!

Win one of these three CDs
Win one of these: Enjoy Every Sandwich - The Songs Of Warren Zevon, Frank Zappa - For Collectors Only or Marian McPartland/Steely Dan - Piano Jazz

A nice guy over at RadioDupree - that's me btw - asked me to remind you of the twice daily Adjusting The Flow/Focus 30 minutes on RadioDupree.

It's running some sort of theme. But a changing theme. We'll give you a week to come up with what the theme is this week. Answers before Monday will give you a chance to win one of the three CDs pictured above. Just state which one you'd like!

You find the broadcast times for Adjusting The Flow/Focus here or by clicking the "Win a CD!"-title above.

Listen, guess, write, win!

RIP Long John Baldry

Long John Baldry
Long John Baldry passed away July 21. He was 64 years old.

"Long John who?" you might think. And why is he mentioned here? Well, although he may not be that well-known he was a major player in Great Britain in the 60's. Here's what they say about him on his homepage:

"Long John's forty-five year career is a rich tapestry of recording, performing, great bands, discoverer of talent and actor. Long John is particularly known for his associations with former band members Rod Stewart and Elton John.

Looking closely at LJB's musical tree you will discover that virtually every musician who came up in England during the 60's have some connection to LJB. Names like Ginger Baker, Jeff Beck, Brian Jones, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and the Rolling Stones are cemented in LJB's musical history.

In fact, Eric Clapton has stated many times that he was inspired to pick up a guitar after seeing Long John Baldry perform in the early 1960s.Undeniably, Long John was one of the founding Fathers of British Rock n' Roll in the 60s, and without his presence the scene, particularly the Blues scene, may have been quite different."

Elton John played piano in the group Bluesology 1966 -1968. The lead singer was Long John Baldry, and Elton borrowed the "John" from Baldry when it was time to pick a stage name for himself.

Over on the RadioDupree homepage we have news about the 30 anniversary of one of Elton's best albums; Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. The major hit from that album was "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" where one of the lines go "And someone saved my life tonight sugar bear..."
The sugar bear in question being none other than Long John Baldry.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

You call this summer? (click here for moving pictures!)

Rain on my window

Rain and +10 C? Yes if you're in Sweden early August 2005.

Not fun even if you haven't had the time to turn your mind and body into accepting +30 C and sun every day as part of a trip to Cuba.

I'm not doing much but trying to get back to normal. The hompage has been updated and I'll try to add a short movie to this item, just to show you what I've been up to this weekend. Which is coming to terms with transferring filmed stuff from the camera to the computor where I'm trying to cut and polish the movie before I save it down in whatever size will be best for - in this case - web viewing.

Watch the 1 min 17 sec movie by clicking the Title above or here.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Weekend music: Jordan Zevon

Jordan and Warren Zevon
Jordan and Warren Zevon

I basically just want to repeat what I wrote back in May:

If you like the sound of singer-songwriters of the 70s/80s with a bit of beatles-like influences and modern pop as well I think you'll like his music. He's the son of late singer/songwriter Warren Zevon, and after a few weeks delay Jordan's debut EP is out and can be listened to over at and bought through cdbaby.

Michael Brecker needs your help

Michael BreckerMichael Brecker is gravely ill. He has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), a blood and bone marrow disease, according to an announcementJust as July turned into August came the news that saxophonist on his Web site.

Brecker, 56, is being treated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and needs a stem-cell transplant. His wife published an open letter on the Internet asking for help finding a suitable donor:

"FROM: Susan Brecker
SUBJECT: Michael Brecker needs your help.

Dear Family and Friends,

My husband, Michael Brecker, has been diagnosed with MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome), and its critical that he undergoes a stem cell transplant. The initial search for a donor (including Michael's siblings and children) has not yet resulted in a suitable match. Michael's doctors have told us that we need to immediately explore ALL possible options. This involves getting as many people of a similar genetic background to be tested."

Read the full letter here.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

While I was away...

... July turned into August and that means it's time to update the RadioDupree homepage with a new chart and a new Album of The Month. Among other things...

Just have to get the jetlag out of my system, sleep for a couple of days and get my stomach back on Swedish food. I am writing this 2.30 a.m Swedish time after a lo-o-ong day of traveling:
It started at 5 a.m. in Madrid, Spain and made it to my hometown via Barcelona and Stockholm just before 8 p.m.

As far as the Album of The Month goes ... think covers with cows and you might be able to guess what will be featured on RadioDupree this month as well as get a couple of paragraphs over on the homepage.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hola from Cuba!

Cuban flag waving

So what's up with the updates here?

Well, Siggy is not much for blogging. He's busy updating the playlist. I am entering the second and final week in Habana, Cuba, where I spend my days staying alive in the heat and humidity and trying to learn the basics of the Spanis language as spoken in Cuba.

Not enough time to write here, but I have a couple of minutes to spare and will do my best.

You can get online in hotels for a decent sum of money. Roughly 6 dollars an hour. Cuba and Habana is as close to visiting another planet as you get. At least if you're from Sweden/Europe. So much different and so many strange things all around you. I'll probably fill you in a bit more later, but living in a "casa particular" - i.e. private home - is one step closer to at least get a whiff of the real Cuba/Habana.

The thing that will scare the tourists away are the "jineteros" = hustlers on the streets. You can rarely walk more than 10 minutes before somebodey asks you where you're from and when you answer "Sweden" they say "Aha! Estocholma!" and then start to ramble the same keywords that must be working as everybody seem to use the same scam; Hemingway, Mojito, cigars, Buena Vista Social Club and help me buy some milk to my kid/my sisters kid.

You can end up spendning a whole lot of money in a bar paying a lot more than you should for drinks. Find yourself with below average cigars you've just bought. All because these hustlers are so friendly and suck you in just like that.

Musically Cuba has a lot to offer. I couldn't tell a trova from a son or a rhumba, but promise to bring back at least a couple of tracks fit to get played on RadioDupree eventually.

Enjoy what's spinning on the station right now and I'll (try to) steer clear of the jineteros and wing my way back home in a week or two.


Sunday, July 10, 2005

More "Dirty Work"!

Covers of the two albums
Two more Steely Dan-related records!

As mentioned on the recently updated RadioDupree homepage, Swedish pop artist Timo Räisänen has recorded a version of Steely Dan's "Dirty Work" appearing as a bonus track on his new single "Pussycat".
I went looking for it as a legal download and ended up finding two other cover versions of the same song!

Susan Marshall gives it a go on her "Firefly" (2005) and Jenna Mammina sings her version on "Meant To Be" (2005).

Susan Marshall, born and raised and still living in Memphis, did opera before going rock in the early 90s with a group called The Mother Station. But she sounds like she can do it all; with over 100 recording projects as a vocalist, she's released two albums under her own name. Both are available through

Over at is also where you find Jenna Mammina's recordings.
Born in Michigan with mom and dad as well as her sister and brothers all musicians, it's no wonder Jenna became a singer. She moved to the San Fransisco Bay area in the mid 80s and has been performing on stage as well as doing session work.

Jenna leans towards jazz and her version of "Dirty Work" has a laidback groove to it. Susan keep it more singer/songwriter and slows it down with just a piano accompanying her.

"Dirty Work" is a classic Becker/Fagen composition, and at the same time very straight and "normal", so it's really no wonder it's become one of their most covered.

These discoveries will also give me the chance to say that it would've been great to hear a hi-fi version of the song as performed by the back-up singers during the last tour. A free soundfile over at would be a nice gesture while we wait for the live album/DVD ;-)

P.S. You can of course hear all the Dirty Work versions mentioned here - including the original - on RadioDupree. Just click on over and listen!