Sunday, August 28, 2011

Additional guests for Steely Dan's New York run

Three weeks ago saw the news that Larry Carlton joins Steely Dan on September 23 for the seventh and final night of Steely Dan at The Beacon Theatre in New York.

Today a ... plethora of additional guests (a majority of them saxophone players), were announced for various dates and the opening act Sam Yahel Trio.

Sep. 14 Mark Turner joins the Sam Yahel Trio

Sep. 16, 17 Joe Lovano joins the Sam Yahel Trio

Sep. 19, 20 Chris Potter and Bill Stewart join the Sam Yahel Trio

Sep. 22, 23 Miguel Zenon joins the Sam Yahel Trio

Chris Potter is of course no stranger to Steely Dan shows. He played on the 2000 tour as well as the album Two Against Nature.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Barfko-Swill sells Zappa promo collection

Wanna cool 3 LP set...for $400?
Barfko-Swill, the company that provides the fans with Zappa goods is selling out a bunch of promo vinyl albums:
"Lurking in the shadowy, spidery part of the Vault we found remainders from the days of yore when VINYL was king and sometimes queen!!!"
Check out the big bucks prices here.

BBC Old Grey Whistle Test 40

Starting today at 10 pm CET and available to listen to online. Check out the homepage.
What can we expect to hear? Some old and some new great music!

Bob Harris presents the first in a new series celebrating the 40th anniversary of the classic music TV show. Each programme will look at one complete series of the original Old Grey Whistle Test and will include archive recordings alongside both new interviews and exclusively recorded sessions with guests from the featured series.

Programme One covers series one, which ran from September 1971 to July 1972. Bob interviews the show's producer Mike Appleton about the creation of the show and speaks with Alice Cooper and Elton John about their appearances on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Both artists also feature in archive sessions and there are more classic performances from David Bowie and Curtis Mayfield. Yusuf performs two exclusive acoustic numbers and chats about both his Whistle Test days recording as Cat Stevens and his current projects. There is further new live music from Martin Turner's Wishbone Ash.

And next Wednesday?
Programme two covers the series that ran from September 1972 to July 1973. Bob speaks with Rod Argent and Russ Ballard of Argent, Colin Blunstone, and Donal Gallagher (brother of the late Rory Gallagher - a regular guest).

Singer/songwriter Ralph McTell and Plainsong (Iain Matthews and Andy Roberts) both perform new exclusive session songs; and Thijs van Leer from Focus not only remembers his band's UK TV debut, but also provides an impromptu flute solo that merges a live improvisation with a blast of an old favourite.

These new performances are complimented by classic archive sessions from Bill Withers, Del Shannon, the aforementioned Rory Gallagher and the first ever British TV appearance by The Wailers and their emerging star Bob Marley.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jerry Leiber dies

And here's Mike Stoller on the left and Jerry Leiber on the right
of some guy called Elvis Presley checking out
a song they've written; Jailhouse Rock.

Showing our age here, but we're not alone in enjoying the songs written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. Two guys who helped shape rock 'n roll back in the 1950's-1960's.

Jerry passed away yesterday at the age of 78.

Wikipedia on Leiber & Stoller.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ane Brun on new Peter Gabriel album

New Blood cover art.We're keeping one eye on what Peter Gabriel's up to, and can share the tracklisting for his forthcoming New Blood:

01. The Rhythm of the Heat
02. Downside Up (ft. Melanie Gabriel)
03. San Jacinto
04. Intruder
05. Wallflower
06. In Your Eyes
07. Mercy Street
08. Red Rain
09. Darkness
10. Don't Give Up (ft. Ane Brun)
11. Digging in the Dirt
12. The Nest that Sailed the Sky
13. A Quiet Moment
14. Solsbury Hill (bonus track)

As you can see it's familiar song titles. What we get are orchestral versions with a couple of guest vocalists including Norwegian Ane Brun.

And as can be expected the record will be available in various versions. There's also a DVD coming. October 10, 2011 is the release date. Read more here.

And while we found Peter's previous album of his covers; 2010's Scratch My Back, a bit dissappointing, we have a better feeling when it comes to New Blood. Especially after hearing some of the songs preformed during the 2010 tour. Easily available on YouTube.

Monday, August 15, 2011

BED PEACE starring John Lennon & Yoko Ono

Supposed to be shown online for just this weekend, but now apparently getting an extended engagement through this coming week due to requests from fans.
Here's what Yoko Ono wrote today on YouTube:
I have had so many of you contact me and ask if we can keep BED PEACE playing for longer, so I have decided to extend the deadline for another week -- until midnight on 21st August -- so everyone can get a chance to see it. love, yoko
So there you have it. Or rather here you have it. Until August 22, 2011.

Dear Friends,

In 1969, John and I were so naïve to think that doing the Bed-In would help change the world.
Well, it might have. But at the time, we didn't know.

It was good that we filmed it, though.
The film is powerful now.
What we said then could have been said now.

In fact, there are things that we said then in the film, which may give some encouragement and inspiration to the activists of today. Good luck to us all.

Let's remember WAR IS OVER if we want it.
It's up to us, and nobody else.
John would have wanted to say that.

Love, yoko

Yoko Ono Lennon
London, UK
August 2011

Tell your friends to go to to watch the film, read about it, Tweet and Facebook message about it -- discuss PEACE with your friends.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Frank Zappa: Will That Be An Aisle Or A Window? (Cartoon)

For your entertainment and education a short animation by Carl King:

Frank Zappa: Will That Be An Aisle Or A Window? (Cartoon) from Carl King on Vimeo.

A Business Lesson with Frank Zappa. Animated by Carl King. Original Score by Stephen Cox. Special Thanks to Anthony White. Original FZ audio interview recorded in September 1984. Source unknown. This cartoon was manufactured with the non-commercial / educational purpose of paying tribute to the wisdom of Frank Zappa.

And if you want Carl's explanation why he did it, please click this link!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jon Lord fights cancer

Jon Lord, organ player of Deep Purple and Whitesnake, is fighting cancer.
He declares it on his official homepage:

I would like all my friends, followers, fans and fellow travelers to know that I am fighting cancer and will therefore be taking a break from performing while getting the treatment and cure.

Photo: Aleksandra Pruenner,

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Larry Carlton joins Steely Dan in New York

Guitarist Larry Carlton will join Steely Dan for the final of seven shows at The Beacon Theatre in New York September 23. Here's the info from Larry's homepage:
Larry Carlton will be performing “The Royal Scam” plus select hits with Steely Dan on September 23, 2011 at the Beacon Theatre in New York, NY (2124 Broadway New York, NY 10023).
The evening was originally titled 21st Century Dan and meant to focus on the band's two latest albums; Two Against Nature (2000) and Everything Must Go (2003), but The Royal Scam was added although it already had its own evening three days earlier.

Looking forward to additional surprises for the seven show run at The Beacon!

Monday, August 08, 2011

Steely Dan interview from 1994

Here's a radio interview promoting the 1994 Steely Dan tour. The Album Network Tour Special.
And they're talking about the usual stuff, with alot of humour during the 22 minutes it takes. Enjoy! (We did).

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Two new Crimson anniversary releases

Two more albums in the King Crimson 40th Anniversary Series are now available as pre-orders: Starless & Bible Black and Discipline.
They have been mixed for 5.1 Surround Sound from the original studio masters but the original album mixes are also included.
There is also some extras. For instance
a restored audio bootleg recording of the extremely rare, performed once only, “Guts on my Side” on Starless & Bible Black.
Discipline features alternate mixes of The Sheltering Sky & Thela Hun Ginjeet.

King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black - 40th Anniversary Series(CD/DVD-A)
King Crimson - Discipline - 40th Anniversary Series (CD/DVD-A)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Dweezil on tour with Return To Forever

Dweezil Zappa's Zappa Plays Zappa will soon begin their +20 gig collaboration with Return To Forever.
The first gig takes place in Pittsburgh; PA on August 7. Wonder what it will be like? ZPZ guesting Return To Forever, with the ex Mother Jean-Luc Ponty...Sounds interesting indeed. We envy the US audience that will be able to take part of this.

Tour dates here

Speaking of collaborations: Flo & Eddie is reported to have guested Zappa Plays Zappa on stage in Woodstock on July 28. Track information by

Radio Dupree Top 15 - August 2011

1. Frank Zappa - Big Swifty

2. Walter Becker
- Junkie Girl
11 Tracks Of Whack

3. Mellow Candle
- Vile Excesses
Swaddling Songs

4. Pink Floyd
- One Of My Turns
The Wall

5. Wild Man Fischer
- Monkeys Versus Donkeys
An Evening With Wild Man Fischer

6. Mellow Candle
- Messenger Birds
Swaddling Songs

7. Sahara Hotnights
- Let You Down
Sahara Hotnights

8. Christopher Cross
- Ride Like The Wind
Christopher Cross

9. Donald Fagen
- Ruby Baby
The Nightfly

10. Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
- The Air
Uncle Meat

11. Donald Fagen
- Rhymes - The Nightfly Trilogy : 10 Extras
12. Pink Floyd - Paintbox - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (3 cd)
13. Donald Fagen - Brite Nitegown - Morph The Cat
14. John Mayall - It Hurts Me Too - Looking Back
15. Steely Dan - West Of Hollywood - Two Against Nature

Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree

Listening always goes down during the summer months. That also makes for some pretty odd charts where surprises tend to pop up among listeners favourites.
Like Swedish group Sahara Hotnights or music veteran John Mayall.

Of course the "ususal suspects" are here: Frank Zappa and Steely Dan. This month with solo stuff from both Walter and Donald making it a Dan-heavy Top 15. But the number one slot goes to Zappa. He was number one last month as well, but with a different track/album. Back with a different track but from the same album as last month is Christopher Cross, one of the artists we play here on Radio Dupree that almost always gets reactions and a few thumbs up and down.

Also: Our Album of the Month did manage to irritate some of our listeners enough to send us emails asking us to stop playing stuff like that. Nevertheless Wild Man Fischer's An Evening With Wild Man Fischer also scored enough points with other of our listerners to place a track at five on this month's chart! Diversity is the spice of life. Or something like that.
Our Album of the Month for June is still making waves. Swaddling Songs from Mellow Candle is at three and six.

-- N.S.