Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Keyboard player Bo Hansson dies

Photo from cd Hansson & Karlsson (1998). Hansson below.
Swedish organ player Bo Hansson has passed away at the age of 67. In the 60's Hansson and his fellow Janne Carlsson jammed with Jimi Hendrix and Hendrix even recorded a cover version their song Tax Free.
Dagens Nyheter reports that Hansson was found dead in a hotel room in Stockholm on Saturday.
The organ & drums duo Hansson & Karlsson jammed with Hendrix during his visits in Sweden. Hendrix enjoyed their song Tax Free so much that he recorded his own version which can be heard on the posthumous album War Heroes. Bo Hansson also reached some international commercial success in the 70's with his musical interpretations of J R R Tolkien's The Lord Of The Rings.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flo & Eddie guests with Zappa Plays Zappa?

Flo & Eddie (Mark and Howie of Zappa's Mothers and The Turtles) seem to have loose plans to be special guests on Zappa Plays Zappa tour in June 2011.
...to mark the 40th anniversary of the Mothers Fillmore East album.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Cover: Donald Fagen's On The Dunes

OK. So let's get into the waiting-for-Donald-Fagen's-2010-solo-album-mode and start to feature posts that have a lot or a least little to do with Donald Fagen.

So here's a link to a cover of On The Dunes from Donald Fagen's 1993 album Kamakiriad. The clip is from ronh73 from the Netherlands, who has this to say on his YouTube-page:

Ron is 36 years old and is playing the keys since he is 18. After playing covers in different coverbands for many years, he is now going to start writing his own songs. Using his Roland equipment and Cubase installed on his computer, he sometimes finds the time to work something out.

On his website you can find even more songs.
In daily life Ron also hits the keys. But in fact it are the keys of his computer instead of his synthesizer. He works for a company which builds an application for registrating everything about the Municipal Social Services (Dutch: Gemeentelijke Sociale Dienst).

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/ronkeys
Hyves: http://shandyman73.hyves.nl
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ronh73
Chords: http://ronh73.awardspace.com

One final remark:
I do not have any scores or sheet music in digital format (Dutch: ik heb helemaal geen bladmuziek in digitaal formaat).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Donald Fagen on Acute Tour Disorder

Donald Fagen pic from donaldfagen.comDonald Fagen writing on the "cluster of anxiety and dissociative symptoms that develop in response to traumatic events that occur while being employed as a member of a rock concert touring band"; ATD or Acute Tour Disorder.

And it's published after the six month long Rent Party/Left Bank Holiday tour.

Seeing that some members of the 2009 Steely Dan touring band subsequently have been out playing or are planning to play with other constellations, Radio Dupree can only deduct that ATD didn't hit the whole band and that those who got it have managed to cope with it in different ways.

After reading Donald's text this rock 'n roll touring lifestyle suddenly doesn't seem that glamourous. ;)

All kidding aside we're thinking this could count as a defintive end to the speculations that there will be any Steely Dan 2010 summer tour. Or, for that matter, any Donald Fagen 2010 solo tour.
So if you want to catch Donald on stage you better plan to attend Mountain Jam in Hunter Mountain, New York where he'll be joining Levon Helm June 6.

And we'll end this post with a video we've featured before, but somehow it seemed appropriate here and now:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aja ... one more time

Steely Dan - Aja ... once more.It's digital, you know...

Please note: Here's a post that will interest the Steely Dan completist collector or HiFi afficionado who's spent way too much money a fair amount of money on a home sound system.

Looks like that classic 1977 album Aja is about to get another release this summer thanks to Japanese interest in a disc system that first saw the light in 1999; Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD).

It was available in three different versions. Single layer or Double layer that wouldn't play on your old CD player but on your dedicated SACD player as well as a few SACD-compatible DVD players. And then there's the Hybrid that fit a single layer SACD with a standard CD layer that make it playable on an ordinary CD player.

Most buyers continued buying ordinary CD's until it was time to move on to downloads, but apparently the SACD format is getting another push in Japan with a number of titles announced.
And the fairly-successful-in-Japan Super High Material-CD (SHM-CD) technology will be used in this new batch of SACD records.

The interesting thing is that the new release of Aja - set for June 23 - will be from a "New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes".
Will they be able to tweak some hitherto unheard nuances from the master tapes? I guess the only way to get the answer is to order a copy. And find some equipment that will play that SACD.

The story continues...

And for all you non-Steely Dan interested readers here's a list of upcoming SACD releases as found in this forum thread:

"Who's Next / The Who" - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"461 Ocean Boulevard / Eric Clapton" - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"Every Good Boy Deserves Favour / The Moody Blues" - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"Aja / Steely Dan" - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"Synchronicity / The Police" - 2003 A&M SACD DSD master
"Velvet Underground and Nico / Velvet Underground" - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"Live At Fillmore East / Allman Brothers Band" - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"What's Going On / Marvin Gaye" - From the 2008 Mobile Fidelity DSD master
"Layla" / Derek & The Dominoes - New 2010 DSD Transfer from the Analog Tapes
"Let It Bleed / The Rolling Stones" - From the 2002 ABCKO SACD

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jane Aaron: Set In Motion (Music by Donald Fagen)

Back in the second half of the 1980's Donald Fagen wrote the music to three short films directed by Jane Aaron; Traveling Light, Set In Motion and This Time Around. The connection being that Jane's brother Peter had been at Bard College at the same time as Donald and Walter Becker.

(And if anyone should happen to know where we can see Traveling Light and This Time Around do not hesitate to add a comment or get in touch via radiodupreeATyahooDOTse.)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Annéllsson makes fun of Anna Anka

The Swedish musician Hans Annéllsson has released yet another cd. One of the songs on the album is called Anna Duck and makes fun of Paul Anka's Swedish wife.
Our Swedish readers will know what we are talking about here, and Radio Dupree's recommendation to all you other people out there is "don't give Mrs. Anka any more attention - she is no fun, just a waste of time". Mr. Annéllsson's song is well worth listening to, though, and you can hear it on Radio Dupree.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Three more King Crimson anniversary albums

Discipline Global Mobile is announcing some upcoming cd's: "The next in the 40th Anniversary series, In The Wake Of Poseidon and Islands are slated to be released in September, with Beat right on their heels."
DGM also plans to release Live at Coventry Cathedral by Theo Travis and Robert Fripp.

ELO + The Supremes + Michael Jackson = :)

Why settle for one good song when you can have three - simultaneously?

Mark Vidler
is a guy that manages to make so called mash-ups that put a smile on Radio Dupree's face. Like this one where Electric Light Orchestra meets The Supremes and Michael Jackson.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dark Side Of The Moon as played on a 1980's video game console!

Dark Side Of The Moon cover gets the 8-bit treatment.Brad Smith, a video game programmer from Burlington, Ontario, Canada, got the idea and made it a reality: Taking Pink Floyd's classic Dark Side Of The Moon from 1973 and playing it on the equivalent of a 1980's 8-bit NES (Nintendo Entertainment Systems) video game console.

The result? To appreciate it fully you should ideally be a fan of a) Deep Purple and b) vintage video game consoles. But we think you can agree that it is an impressive piece of work and that the end result works surprisingly well.

Click here to hear the whole "album" via YouTube.

Or go here and download the songs as a mp3-album.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Santana and The Beatles topping the Dupree chart

Here is the list of the most popular Radio Dupree tracks during March 2010:
1. Santana - You Just Don't Care - Santana
2. The Beatles - Back In The USSR - The Beatles
3. The Beatles - Michelle - Rubber Soul
4. John Mayall - Jenny - Looking Back
5. The Beatles -
Eight Days A Week - Beatles For Sale
6. Walter Becker - Do You Remember The Name - Circus Money
7. George Duke - Tryin' And Cryin' - The Complete MPS Fusion Recordings
8. Peter Gabriel - My Body Is A Cage - Scratch My Back
9. Peter Gabriel - Mirrorball - Scratch My Back
10. Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross
11. Supertramp - Gone Hollywood - Breakfast In America
12. David Bowie - Cracked Actor - Ziggy Stardust (soundtrack)
13. The Jimi Hendrix Experience - You Got Me Floatin' - Axis: Bold As Love
14. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
15. Frank Zappa - Dong Work For Yuda - Joe's Garage
16. The Doors - Roadhouse Blues - Morrison Hotel
17. Frank Zappa - Dirty Love - Strictly Commercial
18. Walter Becker & John Beasley - Li'l Red Head Swing - Mose The Fireman
19. Peter Gabriel - Mother Of Violence - Peter Gabriel (2)
20. Neil Young - Heart Of Gold - Harvest


Chart compiled by listeners voting
on the songs they hear on Radio Dupree.

An oldie with Santana as #1, and just like the previous month it's obvious that you listeners never really get enough of The Beatles...this time three songs by the Fab Four on high positions on our Top 20. There is one exception though: we have noticed that the songs from the Sgt. Pepper album hardly ever get any "thumbs ups". Got tired of that one?
Our album of the month, the new Peter Gabriel cd, is probably not an album for everyone, but we are happy to see that some of you guys appreciate it...two songs on the chart.

The original mix of Ruben & The Jets on CD, at last

Hotcha! If you're one of those Zappa fans who are into the greasier side of Frank Zappa's work this one's for you: The original 1968 vinyl mix of Cruising With Ruben & The Jets...on CD from Barfko-Swill!
Sigurd Huckle, head of the Radio Dupree Zappa department welcomes this CD: "This is actually the first time we get an authorized CD release of the original mix of Ruben & The Jets...the 1980's mix was not 100 % satisfying (cough)..."
Barfko-Swill announces that this FZ AudioDocumentary in the project/object series comes with "supplimentary anniversarial selections to thrill and clean you".
You can pre-order your copy now. Shipping date around April 23, 2010.