Saturday, December 30, 2006

Donald Fagen's The Nightfly trilogy box set set for March 2007

The box set of Donald Fagen's three solo albums was already mentioned around the release of Morph The Cat last year. And now it looks set to be released about a year after Morph... At least a couple of British online sellers have it listed for release on March 5, 2007. as well as Spin CDs have no other information than the release date, that the record company is Warner Brothers and that it consists of four CDs. is another advertising the upcoming set. And we also found a Swedish online store;


Gina said...

hey guys, a happy and musical 2007 for my Swedish compadres!


gwen the monster said...

I haven't posted a comment yet, but have been visiting this blog for months now. I just felt like saying "Thanks" right now. I am really appreciative to have this as an aid to keep me aware of Steely Dan (and co.) happenings. I'm really curious how you get your information so fast!! I know I'm not the most on top of SD news, but I am definitely one of the most eager people I know to be in the know, your blog really helps. I'm always completely shocked at how much more you seem to know about what's going on than I do! What's your secret?

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Hi gwen!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm not sure we're that fast in getting the information, but maybe we manage to highlight stuff that's drowning in the tidal wave of information on other sites.

Here's hoping that fourth CD in the Nightfly trilogy box incldes a ouple more new tracks apart from "Rhymes" (the download only bonus track to Morph..) + the non-album stuf Donald's released over the years.