Sunday, September 06, 2009

Steely Dan's "Things I Miss The Most" covered

When an artist covers Steely Dan it is usually one of the hits; Do It Again, Peg, Josie ... and a couple more. So it's always fun to find a cover of one of all those other songs that Donald Fagen and Walter Becker have written.

We still enjoy Sara Colman's version of Walter Becker's Book Of Liars, and here's another one from the UK; Claire Martin and her take on Things I Miss The Most. The original Steely Dan version on the 2003 album Everything Must Go. Claire's version is on her new album A Modern Art.

Sad to say we've only managed to find a 30 sec clip of the song. And that clip doesn't do the version justice, but here's the link. (And the full version of the song of course on the Radio Dupree playlist!)

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Gina said...

hey, that is cool :-) i know Claire Martin from the library, i listened to her music in the library and wasn't sure whether i really really liked her or not...

this is going to be copied to Mizar6 :-)