Thursday, October 01, 2009

Radio Dupree top 10

Here are the most popular songs played on Radio Dupree during September:

1. King Crimson
- Starless - Red
2. Frank Zappa - Carolina Hard-Core Ecstasy - Joe's Menage
3. David Bowie - Don't Look Down - Tonight
4. Walter Becker And Donald Fagen - Android Warehouse - Catalyst
5. David Bowie - Let's Spend The Night Together - Ziggy Stardust (soundtrack)
6. Walter Becker And Donald Fagen - Yellow Peril - Catalyst
7. Moraz/Bruford - Childrens' Concerto - Music For Piano And Drums
8. Miles Davis - Katia - You're Under Arrest
9. Rick Wakeman - Catherine Howard - The Six Wives of Henry VIII
10. UK - Presto Vivace And Reprise - UK

Well, how about that? A 12 minutes long prog monster song topping our monthly chart! Glad you liked it! At a first quick look the chart of the month is dominated by David Bowie and the early Fagen/Becker duo. They have managed to sneak in two songs each.
But if you think for a while, there is another musician that is present on three of the songs on our top 10 chart: Drummer Bill Bruford! He plays on Crimson's Starless, UK's Presto Vivace And Reprise and of course on the Bill Bruford/Patrick Moraz collaboration Childrens' Concerto.
What about the Album of the Month then, Frank Zappa's Joe's Garage? Well, two tracks from that album wound up as number 11 (Stick It Out) and 12 (Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up). Not too bad!

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