Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday with Grizzy Bear. Any Steely Dan in there?

As Evan Rytlewski posted on earier this week, he mentioned the New York group Grizzly Bear while interviewing Walter Becker from Steely Dan recently.
Walter checked out a couple of songs from the group during the interview and found one horrible, one interesting and concluded more study is needed.

Evan sees similarities between the two bands: Both are New York bands with tricky, ornate arrangements and perfectionist studio tendencies.

So what to do on a Sunday? I decided to give Grizzly Bear a listen.

Here's the song Walter found interesting:

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monsterpants said...

people will find things in common between any two (or more) things that show up on their radar- especially when they find those things personally pleasing. we are human beings and looking for patterns in the world around us is what we are designed to do.

i used to think steely dan and washington d.c. band "the dismemberment plan" had lots in common until i realized that probably the only thing they truly had in common was that i, peronsally, liked them both a great deal. i was the unifying factor.

everyone is entitled to their own opinion regarding what makes one band similar to another, but just to cast my vote: i can't find a single thing to tie together the music of some of the greatest jazz/rock musicians in the world (steely dan) and the dull, "more of the same" indie rock of grizzly bear, other than the fact that evan rytlewski is mentioning them both in the same breath. just because i don't agree with him doesn't make it any less special that he is the unifying factor between the two bands. i think it's awesome that we, as the listeners, as the human lives affected by music, get to play a role in the interconnectedness of everything.