Monday, February 22, 2010

Steve spoke to Steely Dan?

So who's seen any of the Disney sitcom I'm In The Band and can tell us if there is anything even vaguely Steely Dan about the band in the series; Iron Weasel.

The guy playing the lead singer in the band; Derek Jupiter, is one Steve Valentine who according to this article from The Daily Star did talk to members of Steely Dan to get the role right:
Luckily, I've got a lot of rock star friends in LA, so I was able to go hang out with a bunch of musicians.

"My friend Fred Coury, the drummer in 80s rock band Cinderella, told me that in the rock world you're either still there or you're struggling to get back to where you were."

Other rockers Steve consulted included Chuck Wright, the bassist from Quiet Riot, Steve Lucas, the singer from Toto and members of Steely Dan.

We're a bit curious to know what members he talked to. And what was said.

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