Friday, November 12, 2010

Hammersmith Odeon songs on Radio Dupree now

Frank on the loo, again! From the Hammersmith Odeon booklet.
Today the Radio Dupree staff received a copy of the brand new Zappa 3 cd set, Hammersmith Odeon.
First impression is that it is a spiffy item! Sound is similar to the Philly album. Good balance (not like the boomy Halloween audio dvd) and not too much compression (like the Buffalo cd). Review coming up here soon.
A couple of songs from the album already spinning on Radio Dupree. Then in December we will have the album as Album of the Month, and you can expect a lot of Zappa music that month...the celebtration of what would have been Frank's 70th birthday you know...December 21st.

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Anonymous said...

Helo Mister!

Thanks for this post! Just one question: could you please post or send me a copy (scan, photo) of Peter Wolf's full text? I'd be really happy to read it! Thanks!

marosib AT freestart DOT hu