Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy birthday, Frank!

The Yellow Shark, one of Frank's last projects.
Yep, today is Frank Zappa's 70th birthday. A pity he is no longer with us.
Sometimes fans use to speculate about what Frank would have thought about this and that, and how would his music have sounded today if he would still be alive. It's impossible to answer of course, but I say that music lost something when Frank passed away. For me it turned into something a little less interesting.
But it's a great thing that the Zappa Family Trust keeps releasing stuff from the vault (Hammersmith Odeon being the most recent thing), and today we will surely celebrate Frank's birthday. Play his music and tell other people about it.
Radio Dupree is playing as much Zappa as we can today, songs from his more well known albums and some obscure tracks too.
Here is a link to another radio station that will broadcast a programme on Zappa tonight...including the swedish keyboard player Mats Öberg and the Reinecke Trio from Italy.
And here is a nice article from Svenska Dagbladet (practice your Swedish).

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