Monday, April 02, 2012

Will Donald Fagen beat ... Donald Fagen?

Jay's soon out!
Once again the race is on! Who'll be the first to get his record out; Donald Fagen, the solo artist or Donald Fagen, the guest musician?

On one hand there's Donald's fourth and still-without-a-title solo record. And not leaked. Could've been out in 2011. Some reports suggested it. May be out in 2012. Some other reports suggest that.

And then there's Donald Fagen as a guest on a record that definitely will be out this month (April 2012). It's titled... wait! No, there's another album with no name. But we know the name of the artist. It's Jay Colins.

He's a saxophone player that has been around a while. Played with some big names and his own band. Read more about him here:
And do not miss the final sentence on the page:

Jay’s new CD is coming in April 2012 and features guest spots by Fagen, Helm, and Larry Campbell. Watch for it!”

Radio Dupree's money is on Jay's record being released before Donald's is.

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