Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The guitar in question...

While we appreciate the fact that Walter Becker (Steely Dan) has found yet another guitar worthy of being added to the collection, we do wish - from the bottom of our middle-aged hearts - that he'd get that next solo album announcement out and about. That way we wouldn't have to resort to reporting him buying more gear. Because that is what's popping up on our automated Google alert trying to find all the news about Walter as it becomes available on the web.

Just now we got the news that Chuck from Cp Thornton Guitars in Sumner, Maine has sold his Legend #297 to Walter Becker. Great news for Chuck. Congrats from Radio Dupree.

And with one more guitar we're sure there's no excuse for Walter to not get busy making some new music.

Thanks in advance.

Oh! And this post would not be complete with a link to the article about G.A.S. (Guitar Aquiaition Syndrome) that Walter wrote back in the day..

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