Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Donald Fagen interview plus Sunken Condos streaming

MSN has an new interview with Donald Fagen plus streaming the whole album Sunken Condos. Find it here.

The streaming seem to work for some, some not. But hopefully it'll be fixed soon. Threre's also reports of it popping up on Spotify in some countries.

UPDATE October 17:
No more streaming available. But that's OK, 'cause the album is out!


Ljud said...

Memorabilia = probably one of the best DF songs ever !

Michael said...

Pretty good interview. I like it when Donald was talking about recording music, how it all comes down to taste and having the patience to pull off a good performance. It does seem as though many contemporary artists focus too heavily on technological wizardry and mumbo-jumbo because they're trying to sound like replicas of some other artist they like.

Back in the early 20th century, they had a mic and instruments. That was pretty much it. So it all came down to being able to PERFORM, not toggle a switch, a vst or what-have-you. That also explains why most of the *monster* session musicians peaked during the 70's, just before computers took over everything. The problem with editing and processing audio is that it means to eliminate the little imperfections in the recording. As a direct consequence, pretty much everything sounds the same -- there's little to discern one artist/performer from the next.

Sorry for the rant but music is very important to me.

I would love to hear another SD album but thought Walter was already busy working on another solo album. Who knows what's going on?

One final thing: MSN loads like a slug. I was right back in 1998 with 56k connection!