Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Donald Fagen producing/recording with Oh Whitney in Mexico

OK. So we have been taking it easy over the holidays. And that includes blog updates. We have a couple of updates that just haven't been blogged yet. And probably will appear later this week. But this find from our friend Gina and Mizar6 had us switching on the old computer to log in and write this.

Here's a photo published on the Facebook page belonging to a group called Oh Whitney December 14, 2012 together with this text:
"Day 7 in the studio with Donald Fagen of Steely Dan and Rick Shlosser of Van Morrison. New album coming along swimmingly in San Miguel de Allende. Stay tuned...."

Rick Shlosser produced the bands debut album released in 2011, and is doing the same this time around.
Rick's drumming can be heard on hits like Van Morrison's Jackie Wilson Said and Dolly Parton's 9 To 5, just to name two. More on Rick here:

Donald is supposedly producing but by the look of pics like this one there's been some playing going on as well.

So. Oh Whitney? Here's how the band presents itself on the very same Facebook page:
Oh Whitney is a rock band. 'Rock' being, in this case, the indie rock kind. And alt-country. And some jazz + metal lurking in the drummer, rhumba in the bass player. Guitars more from the zeppelin angle. Songs written mostly from a blues + folk viewpoint.

Here are the people : Will Arnold (LA, US) plays electric guitars, Jose Juan Poyatos (Madrid, ES) plays flamenco guitars, Adrien Lorca Faunce (Nadal, FR) plays drums, Diego Noyola (Monterrey, MX) plays bass, and Peter More (TX, US) sings, plays more guitars and octofone. Ron Tomlinson does everything else.

Some additional info: Formed in 2008 at Duke University, North Carolina and played New York, the eastcoast and central Mexico 2008 - 2010 with a stint in Puerto Rico and Brazil after that.

And this is what they sound like:

How Donald and Oh Whitney met? Check this article.

More music, pics and information can be found here:

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Anonymous said...

Ah this picture corroborates previous reports that he's taken to chain-smoking Marlboro Reds. I do fear for the bloke's health. But for selfish reasons; I'm hoping there's some more musical product coming down the pike.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous to Anonymous-

RE: Smoking

I know exactly what you mean. However, I've never read any of the previous reports you speak of. Regardless, I too am looking forward to more of his music.