Friday, May 17, 2013

Steely Dan 2013 tour coming to Europe?

Will Steely Dan play Europe this time?

That's the question looking for an answer. At least if you're living in Europe. And you are running something on the Internet called ”Radio Dupree”.

If I were to listen to what I want the answer would be a solid and definitive ”yes”. But that answer has very little to do with the actual truth. At least for now.

The tour dates are set from July 19 to September 28. US and Canada. And no holes big enough in the schedule to squeeze in some dates abroad.
So we have to look at October. Now, when rumours about a 2013 tour popped up on fan sites we seem to recall one unsubstantiated post said the tour would run July-October. That would open the door for some touring on other continents, in some other countries.

Looking back at the touring history since Steely Dan reformed there have been tours in 1993 – 1996,  2000, 2003, 2006 – 2009, 2011 and now 2013. Since 2006 the tours have been long ones running three months or more, with the one in 2011 being the longest starting in June and ending in early November after playing both Australia and New Zealand.
Last visit to Europe was during the 2009 tour while Japan have been left without Steely Dan after a few dates in 2007.

So... Will this 2013 tour stay in the US and Canada just like the previous one back in 2011? It's a packed schedule and long enough as it is. But let's – for the sake of argument – pretend we know that Donald, Walter and the band are eager to play a few more dates and that there's a demand for tickets in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe. 

Looking back at previous tours the dates played in Europe has been in the middle of summer, save for the first two. 1996 and 2000 the European dates were in early September. From there on it's been during the ”jazz festival season”. 2007 in July and 2009 late June, early July.

Japan? Well, it's been April in 1994 and October in 1996. In 2000 it was i May and in 2007 late August/early September.

Australia and New Zealand has been constant in being the finishing places for the tours in 2007 and 2011. September and late October/early November respectively.

So. Japan is well overdue for another visit from Steely Dan. It's been six years since the latest shows there. And once you're there there's not much travel to do between a limited number of shows/venues.

Australia and New Zealand? If we interpreted all the reviews/interviews from previous visits they were a great success. And the weather in those countries in October is a lot more pleasant than it is in Europe. Compared to Europe a tour is more concentrated and with fewer shows.

Prediction time!
IF the 2013 tour continues after September and IF some of the shows will be abroad we have a hunch (and barely that) that Australia/New Zealand and Japan is a safer bet than Europe.

Hopefully it's the pessimistic Swede in me talking...

-- N.S.

And since this speculating is posted on May 17,  The National Day of Norway, how about we end it with the Norwegian group Fra Lippo Lippi and Angel from the Walter Becker produced 1987 album Light And Shade:

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