Monday, June 10, 2013

Celebrating Circus Money's Fifth Anniversary!

Five years ago today saw the release of Walter Becker's second solo album; Circus Money. A great album with a definitive reggae groove.
To celebrate it becoming five years old we're not only adding the complete album to our playlist, but also the alternative versions and bonus stuff that was released:

Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore (Radio Edit)
Bob Is Not Your Uncle Anymore (Demo)
Downtown Canon (Radio Edit)
Somebody's Saturday Night (Radio Edit)
Circus Money Dub
Circus Money (Hammerhead Remix - free download)
Dark Horse Dub (Bonus Track on the Japanese Edition)

Enjoy them all. We do!

(The photo is a mix of a photo shot by Danny Clinch and the mask from the album cover. For a view of both "unharmed by amateur  graphic artistes", please visit this page:

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