Friday, July 26, 2013

Tom Schiller & Donald Fagen - Danish Prison

In spring, 2013 the comedy album "Tom and Don" which is a compilation of improv interviews between Schiller and musician Donald Fagen was released.

More on Schiller according to Wikipedia:

Tom Schiller is an American Emmy Award winning writer best known for his eleven-year stint writing and directing short films for Saturday Night Live (following the show's original short film makers Albert Brooks and Gary Weis). His films, often featuring members of the original SNL cast, aired on the program in a segment titled, "Schiller's Reel." He is also the son of former TV comedy writer/producer Bob Schiller.
Schiller was part of the original 1975 writing team when Saturday Night Live debuted on NBC.

Donald Fagen is currently pursuing a full-time career as a musician in a band named Steely Dan.

A couple of Doanld/Tom skits were online at the "old", but a whole album was released on April 1, 2013 without any crash, boom or - indeed - bang. And we were none the wiser until Carsten tipped us off.

We tried buying it from but got a no-no you're-in-the-wrong-region-of-this-planet message. Luckily for us in Sweden it is on Spotify. Your mileage may vary...

We do love laughing Donald and the allround fun they seem to have. And, yes, everything they say about Danish prisons is one hundred percent true! ;)

Interested? Look for Tom and Don by Tom Schiller and Donald  Fagen.

(Thanks to Carsten for the link!)


Stefan said...

Yeah, the skit about the Danish prison is perfect ... Thorwaldsen prison with Bang & Olufsen equipment. But the Somali pirate is not bad as well...

Richard said...

The Letter to Tina bit is spot on. It is every German I have encountered. Right down to their obsession with feces and all things negative and bleak. Funny, funny stuff. Don't miss this release.

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Thanks for the comments Richard and Stefan.
/The Duprees