Thursday, October 03, 2013

Wishing we were in New York...

Walter and Donald. Photo by Danny Clinch
Photo: Danny Clinch/
Sitting here in the Radio Dupree station cottage surrounded by an escalating attack from a chilly and dark autumn where even twisted happy pop from Japan on repeat is having a hard time helping us keep our bright and sunny disposition, it is easy to wish we were - like 2011 - back in New York to enjoy Steely Dan at The Beacon Theatre.

The band is in the middle of the seven show run that will finish the Mood Swings 2013: 8 Miles To Pancake Day tour:

* Sep 30 Aja - Plus Selected Hits
* Oct 01 Greatest Hits Night
* Oct 03 Royal Scam Plus Selected Hits
* Oct 04 Gaucho - Plus Selected Hits
* Oct 05 Audience Request Night
* Oct 07 Aja - Plus Selected Hits
* Oct 08 Greatest Hits Night

A special shout-out to Reidar from Norway who will have to represent not only Norway but Sweden and perhaps all of Scandinavia as he is there once again for all seven shows.
We had the pleasure and privilege of meeting him last time together with a whole bunch of other friendly and fine fans of Steely Dan.

Walter Becker had to leave stage a few songs into the show Tuesday due to a fever. Here's hoping he's feeling better today

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