Saturday, March 29, 2014

Looks like Steely Dan is touring in 2014

After each and every Steely Dan tour the fans have wondered if there will be a new tour next year. And the aftermath to the 2013 tour hasn't been any different.

An added difficulty is that drummer Keith Carlock who's played with Steely Dan since 2003 early this year announced that he's joining Toto. Keith has been in the studio recording with his new band and Toto has 2014 tour dates lined up that would make it hard to fit in another long Steely Dan trek like the most recent. And as Steely Dan lately has toured every other year; 2009, 2011 and 2013, it could perhaps indicate that 2014 would be a no-tour year.

But a Facebook update from Toto member Steve Lukather may be interpreted as saying that Steely Dan will be on the road again this year:

Well NEVER dull in Toto world. As it seems the news is
OUT.. yes we are very happy and honored to have Hungate and do the USA tour with us. Nathan is busy with Foreplay and his solo career now and is leaving. He was great but like Simon.. He needed to go with his own career and we are all still great friends. That is ALL I am saying for now. Keith is the only drummer on our record and will be IN the band but there is ONE last Steely Dan tour he was committed to this Aug BEFORE we asked him to join. The amazing drummer and pal Shannon Forrest is going to do the USA dates with us and Keith will return. 2015 permanately.

So, apparently, "there is ONE last Steely Dan tour he was committed to this August". And that looks like another autumn tour for Steely Dan. Right?

UPDATE March 30, 2014:

Yes. The tour will happen. Click here for all our posts about the Jamalot Ever After 2014 tour.


Anonymous said...

Steely Dan's Facebook page just posted a Humphrey's San Diego date for July 13th, 2014!

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Thanks for the info, Anonymous. Great news!