Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Streaming music profits: Record labels 45.6% - Artists 6.8%

The precentages above comes from a new report from Ernst & Young with the French record label trade group SNEP. So it's not that this is another anti-label, anti-record company biased look at things.

The report is quoted in Techdirt and shows how the rvenue from streaming services Spotify and Deezer is divided up:

Labels 45.6%
Spotify/Deezer 20%
Taxes 16.7%
Songwriters/Publishers 10%
Artists 6.8%

Looking at the figures you might wonder why the record labels take almost half of the revenue, but according to the report most of thise 45.6% goes towards covering the record labels expenses. Uploading files is a costly business. Apparently.

And this report is an interesting read after all the articles about artists being angry at the streaming services for paying too little for the music they sell.

Either way you look at it the artists are still getting screwed.

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