Saturday, March 21, 2015

Steely Dan biography updated

Cover of the 2015 edition.
"Comprehensive, obsessed with detail, slow-moving and a bit dull: the description applies equally well to both book and band."

Hey! It's not our description but one from a review of the new and updated (as in February 2015) edition of the biography originally released in 1994 and written by Brian Sweet.

We read it back in the early 2000's with the knowledge that neither Donald nor Walter wanted to be interviewed for the book, and that hardcore fans were somewhat ... er ... critical of the contents and book in all.

That being said we found it a great way to get an overview and timeline of the band and look forward to what this updated version might bring. Last edition dates back to 2008.

(And if we ever run into Donald and/or Walter we wouldn't be busy asking what facts in this book are "facts", but rather enjoy a coffee/tea/beer together while watching the sun set ... as only the sun can ... set.)

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