Friday, September 18, 2015

Randy Brecker revisits his pop past on new album

How about a 12 minute version of Donald Fagen's New Frontier?
If you say "yes!" you have to give Randy Brecker's new album RandyPOP! a listen.

It is out today (September 18) and features nine of the pop tracks he's played on rearranged, twisted and turned around by Kenny Werner. He also plays on the recording together with David Sanchez, Adam Rogers, John Patitucci, Nate Smith and Amanda Brecker.

The whole thing was recorded live at the Blue Note jazz club in New York.

1. New Frontier, 11:49 (by Donald Fagen from Nightfly)
2. Let Me Just Follow Behind, 13:09 (by 'Moogy' Klingman from Bette Midler's Songs For the New Depression)
3. I Can't Quit Her, 12:22 (by Al Kooper from Blood Sweat and Tears' Child is Father to the Man)
4. Hello, It's Me, 9:41 (by Todd Rundgren from Something/Anything)
5. Ghost Writer, 7:53 (by Garland Jeffreys from Ghost Writer)
6. Think, 2:23 (by James Brown from Make it Funky/ The Big Payback)
7. I've Got A Bag Of My Own, 5:29 (by James Brown from Make it Funky/ The Big Payback)
8. Meeting Across The River, 5:34 (by Bruce Springsteen from Born to Run)
9. Late In The Evening, 9:34 (by Paul Simon from One Trick Pony)

Also a Happy Birthday to Randy who'll be 70 in November. And thank you to Gina who gave us the heads up!

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