Sunday, October 25, 2015

New Elton John album arriving February, 2016

Elton John's next album has been announced! It is titled Wonderful Crazy Night and will be released February 5, 2016.

It is Elton's 33 studio album and once again T Bone Burnett is aboard as producer. Davey Johnstone, guitars, and Nigel Olsson, drums, who made up the original trio with Elton back in the day plays on the album. As does bassist Matt Bissonette, keyboard player Kim Bullard and percussionist John Mahon. Veteran Elton collaborator Ray Cooper, percussion, pops in for five of the tracks.

All the above people plus the sound of the first track released; Looking Up, indicate that we'll get a back-to-basics record like the previous two Burnett produced albums The Union (2010) and The Diving Board (2013).


You can choose between the basic 10 track album, the Deluxe version with two additional tracks and more pages in the booklet or the Super Deluxe Box with four extra tracks for a total of 14 on two CD:s , a special 20 page photo/lyrics magazine as well as the 180 gram vinyl version of the album. The vinyl can also be purchased separately.


1. Wonderful Crazy Night
2. In The Name Of You
3. Claw Hammer
4. Blue Wonderful
5. I've Got 2 Wings
6. A Good Heart
7. Looking Up
8. Guilty Pleasure
9. Tambourine
10. The Open Chord

Deluxe CD Bonus Tracks
1. Free And Easy
2. England And America

Super-Deluxe Bonus Tracks
1. Free And Easy
2. Children's Song
3. No Monsters
4. England And America

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