Wednesday, January 06, 2016

2016. Time for a brand new ... turntable?

2016. What better way to start the year than visit the classic CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas for a look at the future of home entertainment technology and find ... a vinyl record player? (i.e. turntable)

Yep, caught us by surprise so we'll just forward what we know:

Sony has decided that there's a market for people who want to listen to vinyl on a good record player, so here's the company's new PS-HX500.
But Sony is also selling this as an alternative to all cheap (and fairly shoddy sounding) USB vinyl record players offered to convert your vinyl collection to mp3 files.
This record player will give you the choice of converting your vinyl to files in an audio quality up to DSD 5.6MHz or PCM 192kHz/24bit.

And since it's a Sony most likely priced accordingly. Not cheap is our guess. We'll see later this spring.

Technics also showed a new turntable at CES.

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