Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Steely Dan live 2017: First date announced!

These days a year without Steely Dan playing live seems like an unlikely occasion, but fans of the band are used to getting the first news of a tour/single dates a few weeks into a new year. February, March... That kind of thing.


December 28, 2016 is the day that the first date of 2017 is official. Official as in up on the venues site. And us noticing it. With the help of a Pete Fogel post to the Facebook fan page.

Steely Dan will be playing the Hollywood Bowl on June 18, 2017 as part of the Special Concert series.

Are tickets for sale? No. And yes. Hollywood Bowl runs a subscripion type of ticket service and informs us all that "Special concerts may be added to your subscription order now, a 5 or More order starting March 15, or purchased individually starting May 1".

Photo: Danny Clinch/
That is, unless you're willing to help resellers like Viagogo where "those who have can sell their tickets for obscene amounts to those that want" ... sorry, where "people can buy and sell tickets for live events all over the world with confidence.".

When we looked Viagogo had 12 tickets for sale running $126 and up.

And while we are happy to see that the ticket industry's promise to stop ticket scalping and ticket touts is working...


...we'd just rather concentrate on what's hopefully to come: A long and extensive Steely Dan 2017 tour. Make that WORLD tour.

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