Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy Birthday, Donald Fagen! (70 today)

Donald Fagen is 70 today and besides wishing him a Happy birthday we at Radio Dupree wish to remind all that his collection Cheap XMas: Donald Fagen Complete - originally a digital only release in October 2012 - now is available as a five CD and seven vinyl record box set.

It features all of his solo albums; The Nightfly (1982), Kamakiriad (1993), Morph the Cat (2006) and Sunken Condos (2012) + ten extra non-album tracks. Nothing new here. It's basically his Nightfly Trilogy box from 2007 plus Sunken Condos.

Still worth getting for the completist waiting for his next solo album. He's said that he wants to record with the gang of guys named The Nightflyers that he toured with last year.

We had a look at Amazon and see that the out of print Nightfly Trilogy box set from 2007 is ... expensive (at least on Amazon. Current EBay price a mere $120):

And we're lucky to own two signed copies(*) from way back when...

(*) = not for sale!


Michael said...

Cheap xmas most notably has a CD of 10 very enjoyable and interesting out takes.
For any readers in the UK who want to support high street record stores, I bought my set In HMV recently fro just £15 bargain!

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

A bargain indeed! And we agree that the 10 tracks collected on the extras disc is worth a listen.
Thanks for your comment Michael!

/The Duprees