Saturday, December 22, 2018

Zappa In New York – 40th anniversary edition – 5 CD's

Ready for pre-orders. The Frank Zappa live album Zappa In New York will be re-released as a limited edition 5 CD set.

Disc 1 contains the original album, yes the censored version that was first released in March 1978. Unfortunately it is not the very first edition that was put out on the market in 1977 in very limited quantity. Some copies leaked out in stores in the UK before it got withdrawn.

The 1977 edition included the track Punky's Whips which was almost 11 minutes long. The song describes drummer Terry Bozzio's affection for Punky Meadows, member of the group Angel. On the 1978 release the record company Warner Brothers left it out since they thought it would be bad for business. As a result of that the new edition of the album (side A and B) had a slightly changed song order to balance out the length of the LP sides.

In the 90's Zappa released a remixed version of the album on a 2 CD set, including four extra tracks, one of them Punky's Whips.

Disc 2-5 of the 5 CD box include "bonus concert performances". This material will probably be the main reason why fans will ever buy this release.

Check out the entire track listing and other details here!

And...there is also a vinyl edition on 3 LP's. Check details here!

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