Thursday, June 14, 2007

Genesis live 2007 = success

Genesis has started its Turn It On Again tour. The first gig took place in Helsinki on June 11.
It seems there was not much media coverage though.
The only review found so far is from the swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter:
"Turn It On Again - The Tour is a fantastic show and an inventory of a solid carreer and with a selection of songs that spans over three decades."

However, one of Siggy's friends was there and shares his excitement like this:
"A fantastic concert. Impressive, and a big portion of nostalgia. Phil Collins sang better than ever."
The oldest song they played was I Know What I Like from Selling England By The Pound.
Swedish fans will be able to watch the Düsseldorf show on June 27 by satellite on certain cinemas:
The Folkets Hus organisation is giving Genesis fans the chance to see their heroes perform on stage broadcasting the band's sold out Düsseldorf gig live across Sweden..."Front row seats for cutting edge HD live 5:1 Dolby Digital Sound broadcast."

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