Sunday, March 06, 2005

Rare Warren Zevon

Just a reminder to all fans of Warren Zevon - and you know who you are - that the upcoming box set from Rhino Records has still no set release date.

What you can do is visit the Bulletin Board over at and search the threads.
Now and again Warren's son Jordan Zevon will post mp3 sneak peeks of what's coming when the 4 CD set is finally released.

I've so far heard four of these:

* A 1974 demo of Accidentally Like A Martyr.
* An unreleased live version of Nighttime At The Switching Yard.
* A guitar and vocals version of Frozen Notes.
* The "new" song Keep On Traveling.

Jordan's also posted a video outtake that he forgot to include in the DVD version of VH1:s "Keep Me In Your Heart"-documentary. In the outtake you can see Warren with actor Benicio Del Toro (that's him in the picture) and others visiting recently departed Hunter S. Thompson. It's a fun clip!


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