Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mel Tormé on a budget

The EP in question

A couple of weekends ago I visited a local record shop looking for finds in the bins of vinyl. Maybe something to play on RadioDupree.
Siggy had better luck than me and found a couple of LPs he bought, while I was flipping my way through countless albums, singles and EPs.

Just to have bought something I finished up paying 2 Swedish kronor (about 30 cents) for an EP titled Mel Tormé sjunger = Mel Tormé sings. Four tracks in a plastic cover with Swedish text and on the Swedish label Bonniers Folkbibliotek.
One Morning In May, Don't Worry About Me, Something To Live For and I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me. Those are the tracks. But I haven't listened to the EP yet. I just bought it because it had a nice look to it. Looking very 60's.

Been looking to see if it's worth the 2 Skr I paid for it and did find one seller in Finland who wanted 8 Euros for the title. That's 40 times what I paid for my copy. Don't know how rare it is but if you're a Tormé-fan please feel free to make me an offer! :)

But who's Mel Tormé? Click the title to get to the biography of The Velvet Fog. Nice nickname and a perfect description of how his voice sounds.

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