Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back home again!

I drive a car!

A week on the road with stops to say "hi" to relatives and friends. Really glad I got the chance to do this, but a week was just about enough.

Tried to update this blog a couple of times using the cellphone and has been busy correcting the weird mistakes the T9-function adds when you're tired and typing your lines on that small, small screen. Already confused sentences get even more so.

Expect it to be even quieter here when I leave for Cuba in two weeks time... I won't be doing any blogging via the cellphone from there and may choose to join a salsa class instead of go searching for some internet café. ;)

90 km an hour sign
Speed limits!

Rainbow came and went
A week of sun, half an hour of rain and two minutes of rainbow

Back home I can once again listen to the neat mp3-CD I did a couple of years ago featuring all of the pre-Two Against Nature Steely Dan/Donald Fagen/Walter Becker. Put it on random and I get to go "reelin' in the years"...


Photos thanks to my new Panasonic NV-GS75 DV-camera. OK with pics, but really a video camera. Hope it will live up to my expectations when it comes to making movies.

Oh! And by the way; if you should find that the paragraphs below the third photo is set in a smaller font it's a bug in the Blog system. Just won't change back from "small" to "normal" size how hard I try. "Small" to "large" works...

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