Sunday, June 12, 2005

Oral fixation: Chewing that bubblegum...

Another Sunday slowly passing by this so called summer...

While last years summer here in Sweden was officially recorded as the worst (= coldest) since the late 1800:s, this summer has started out chilly, rainy and lacking the warm weather we not only long for but demand as we live six months or more in complete darkness and goddam awful winter conditions.

I spent this semi-useless Sunday doing the laundry and surfing the net. One of the sites visited is Columbian singing star Shakira's, where I looked for whatever might be happening now that she's got a new album out.

Don't know if it was the Sunday-smooth instrumental that kept playing in the background, but I stuck around long enough to find the pics page and three photos quite far from the T&A-attitude of most female MTV-type artists these days.

The chewing gum pics sorta fits the name of her new CD; "Fijacion Oral 1" = Oral fixations 1. And made me smile. Smiling, btw, is considered a "good thing"!

The fact that she release a Spanish version of her new record instead of an English one is in my book also a "good thing".
The English version "Oral Fixation 2" will follow, but as far as I've understood it'll be a completely new set of songs; the ones she originally wrote in English.

Click the headline above or here for a larger view of the pics.

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