Friday, December 23, 2005

Chistmas gifts galore! Donald, Frank ... and Walter!

Walter BeckerIt does feel like Christmas over here at RadioDupree! With the news of upcoming albums from our favourite artists arriving like gifts in time for Christmas.

December has been full of the stuff:
* Donald Fagen's third solo album officially named, with track titles and a possible "early 2006 release".
* Frank Zappa delivers another set of goodies from the vaults in the form of Joe's XMasage.
* Frank Zappa (again!) due to relsease an album of a live stuff from the early 70's; Imaginary Diseases.

Let's add this weeks news about Donald confirming a solo theater tour to promote his album, and also being quoted in Rolling Stone saying that Steely Dan companion Walter Becker (pictured above) is busy in New York recording a new album of his own.

Good news indeed!

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