Sunday, December 11, 2005

Weekend music

Asha AliI know the weekend's almost over, but I thought I'd resurrect the "weekend music"-posting that I've run here from time to time.

Basically just a link to some music I find interesting and most often just stumbled upon while traveling the Internet more or less without a plan.
If the music is Made in Sweden it's even better. Nothing wrong with supporting your own country.

So here we have a woman from Stockholm named Asha Ali. I picked up her five track EP released in September and the record company describes her as Jeff Buckley meets Joni Mitchell in a suburb to Stockholm.

It's pretty low-key and soulful.

Today I found the video to one of her songs and if the Buckley/Mitchell line got you interested I suggest you go watch it here.
It will open up a player with a few other videos/artists as well.

And perhaps continue by visiting her homepage

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Q-Unit in da houseLike the fun in a mashup? You know, taking two or more songs and mixing them together. If you answer "yes" to that you might want to check this link out:

It will bring you to a site offering an 11-track mash-up of Queen and 50 Cent titled Q-unit. It will probably be stopped pretty quick by the record company/companies, but as I type it's still there. And, IMHO, pretty fun to listen to. Especially if you're familiar with the music of Queen and 50 Cent.

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