Wednesday, January 18, 2006

H Gang is here!

Donald FagenFinally! The Donald Fagen promo single H Gang arrived today and is already added to our playlist.
We discovered that the promo included both a radio edit and the album version of the song, so ... which one to play on Radio Dupree?
The answer is of course "both!"

So when can you expect to hear it? Well, since the rules and regulations prevent us from announcing when a certain song will be played all we can say is that statistically H Gang should be heard every hour around the clock for a couple of days. We can't guarantee it.
But because we use a random type of playlist it could just as easily end up playing three times in a row.

It's a great song! And while you wait for it you'll be able to hear a lot of other great songs by great musicians on Radio Dupree.


Over at the dates for Donald's first ever solo tour has been announced. Starting in New Jersey March 1 and ending in California March 28. 18 shows and the tickets for a couple of the shows go on sale this Saturday (Janyary 21).

And has been updated with a typically witty welcome where Walter tell us what's on his mind and in his plans. Sort of.
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