Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The single's here...

It's not out on vinyl. This is an artistic interpretation of what it might look like if out as a vinyl single. OK? least if you live in the States. Then you can click on over to iTunes or Rhapsody and buy the radio edit and/or album version of H Gang for the bargain price of 99 cents a song.

A smart record company would of course have made it available to the world, but years after the possibility of charging for a download the record industry seems to be learning and acting more or less on a whim.
We can't help but get a vision of old teary eyed record company executives desperately clinging to their LP's, CD's and cassettes, horrified and scared of that glowing computer screen in the corner of the office.

Oh well...

In other news from the land of Steely Dan:

* Tickets for Donald's shows seem to be selling quickly. One or more of the shows could be recorded for a possible DVD.

* And a short item over at said that there might be a Steely Dan tour this summer. First the Fagen solo tour could be extended with additional dates added to the 18 scheduled for March.
Donald is quoted saying "It depends on how my shows go and if there's a demand for it."

* Morph The Cat will be released as a standard CD and as a CD + DVD double. The DVD is the 5.1 mix and high-resolution stereo mix.

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