Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vanz? Zanz? & The Law

Being in my mid-forties it's not that strange that one of my earliest contacst with popular music came in the form of the early 70's hit-machine called Creedence Clearwater Revival.
My first rock single was a CCR single. My first album was a CCR album.

I've also followed the leader of that group; John Fogerty, through a sparse but still solo career.
He had some troubles with the record company that CCR was on in the 60's/70's, but ended up back on the Fantasy label late last year after many a day in court and refusing to play his old CCR-hits to keep the label and his former bandmates from earning any money off of him.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, just because we're currently playing a song called Vanz Can't Danz from his 1985 comeback Centerfield. A song about the boy Billy and his pig named Vanz. The pig steals the money from the listeners as the boy plays.
The original lyrics of the song says:

" You're watchin' 'em dance, not a care in the world;

So Billy and Zanz get busy, they're makin' their move;
The little pig knows what to do, he's silent and quick, just like Oliver Twist;
Before it's over, your pocket is clean,
A four-legged thief paid a visit on you."

Vanz Can't Dance was originally titled Zanz Can't Dance, and Fogerty's former boss at Fantasy Records; Saul Zaentz issued a lawsuit saying the song was about him.
Fogerty in turn issued a revised version of the song changing the lead character's name to Vanz. And that settled that. Still... ;)

We do have the original vinyl Zanz-version, and might play that, but in the meantime I'm glad John has gotten over (most of) the ghosts hiding in Fantasy, Zaentz and CCR. He's recording and touring and I'm looking forward to seeing him this summer here in Sweden.


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