Thursday, March 30, 2006

Monthly update coming up...

OK. So 50 percent of the Radio Dupree staff came back from London, England with very little to add to the Radio Dupree playlist.
Granted, we got a free copy of the HMV Playlist CD when we bought the CD/DVD edition of Donald Fagen's Morph The Cat, but even though we haven't had the time or inclination to listen to the 18 tracks, we seriously doubt that there will be much on it that we can play on Radio Dupree.

Of course we could be wrong... This weekend will bring the answer as I (that's Neb, by the way) will have to listen to the CD before it's off to Kalmar in the south of Sweden leaving Radio Dupree - playlist and all - in the capable hands of Sigurd.
The weekend also means the big update over on the homepage. Updated on a once-a-month basis it's time to add some news about artists that we like and play. Look out for news about Captain Beefheart as well as a new big name Steely Dan-tribute CD.

There's also the monthly chart of listener's favourites. Maybe a bit less exciting than the weekly chart, but still... If you want to make a change to what we play, please write us a letter at or press the up and down buttons while listening to the music we feature.

To get your imagination and curiosity going I'm adding the past week's Top 10. Let's see what the monthly Top 40, 50 or whatever will look like this Sunday! You can make a change...

We're also closing in on April 16. Which will be our third anniversary. Expect some celebratory extras around and about that date.

Radio Dupree Top 10 - Listener's favourites for the past seven days.

1. Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - Seconds Out
2. John's Children - Smashed Blocked - The Legendary Orgasm Album
3. Frank Zappa - Imaginary Diseases - Imaginary Diseases
4. Frank Zappa - Easy Meat - Halloween (audio DVD)
5. El Presidente - Without You - CD-single
6. The Beatles - Your Mother Should Know - Magical Mystery Tour
7. Frank Zappa - D.C. Boogie - Imaginary Diseases
8. The Byrds - You Won't Have To Cry - Mr. Tambourine Man
9. David Bowie - Boys Keep Swinging - Lodger
10. The Persuasions - Electric Aunt Jemima - The Persuasions Sing Zappa

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