Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Radio Dupree!

Radio Dupree is three years old today!
Hooray for us!

And I could write that due to extensive partying we plain forgot the promised update of our site, but the truth of the matter is really in the technology. And time and space. Not only between my ears.

Grabbed the portable computer and got some stuff to update the site with on my USB memory. Boarded a bus for Easter weekend fun with a few minutes planned for Radio Dupree-updating. I knew I had the software on the machine. But of course I didn't.

Thanks to helpful people like my sister's kids I almost got it all working, almost except for the final ftp. So the page is ready but I can't get it out and up until I'm home and can use my stationary PC back home. That will happen late Sunday evening.

Apart from this miss everything's been fine. And we both expect Radio Dupree to play for a fourth year!

"Keep on truckin'"


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