Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday: Lemmy, Horace and Keith

Lemmy holding a guitar on the back of the CD
Lemmy pictured on the back of the new CD

What have I been listening to this Saturday? Oddly enough ... or maybe not; Lemmy! I've always had a weak spot for that rock n roller, and when I stumbled upon a new collection named Damage Case I had to give it a spin. Especially since Lemmy himself took part in picking the tracks, and it ended up featuring odd numbers from the mid 60's up to 2005. I've never heard the Rockin' Vickers or Sam Gopal before, but thanks to this collection I have.

Also had to get the Horace Silver Quintet's Song For My Father out for a listen after reading up on the latest discussions among the fans of Steely Dan.
One of the subjects has been borrowing/stealing/being inspired by melodies, and the title track from that classic Horace Silver album has been mentioned. It's a song that "inspired" Steely Dan's hit Rikki Don't Lose That Number. Or at least a few seconds of it.

It occurred to me that we haven't played Song For My Father on Radio Dupree, so that is added together with a couple more tracks from the album.

(The other "borrowed" song; Long As You Know You're Living Yours from Keith Jarret's album Belonging has been heard on Radio Dupree and is part of the playlist now and then. By the way: Keith took Steely Dan to court ... and won. Keith Jarret is now listed as co-composer of Gaucho.)


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Inspired Steely Dan: Horace (to the left) and Keith (to the right)

The Horace Silver Quartet's Song For My FatherKeith Jarret's Belonging

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