Sunday, June 11, 2006

Have you heard the new stuff...?

Eilert Pilarm in a blue Las Vegas type of Elvis dress
...Eilert Pilarm (pictured) makes his comeback on Radio Dupree. For you who do not know Eilert is an Elvis interpreter from Sweden. Legendary British radio DJ John Peel named Eilert's Greatest Hits one of his favourite albums of 1996.

The new CD The Royal Dan where various stars give us their versions of Steely Dan classics seem to appeal to many Radio Dupree listeners.
When it comes to Bowie we have re-discovered the Young Americans album and Scary Monsters.

What about Zappa then...? Since we have found out that there are several new listeners that are Zappa fans we are repeating some of the stuff from recent odd releases like Imaginary Diseases, Joe's Corsage and FZ:OZ. Stuff that is so poorly distributed that many fans have not got themselves copies yet.

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