Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Who touring again

The Who live show luxury package
The Who is back on tour again and started the 2006 world tour this Saturday in Leeds recreating the 1970 gig that became the classic live album Live At Leeds.

Fans of the band will have the chance to buy official recordings of the shows. That includes 2-CD audio and DVD:s. You can buy them one and one or splash out for the complete package in a special box (pictured above).

The DVD:s will be four camera crew recordings and have both a stereo and a surround mix.

Just as the previous times - 2002 and 2004 - The Who has made these what you might call official bootlegs available, the profits will go to charities designated by the band.

Why don't Steely Dan follow suit with their upcoming tour of the U.S. of A.? I'm sure enough fans in the States and - especially - rest of the world would love a chance to buy the live shows like this.
Chances of that happening? Just about as big as Sweden winning the currently playing World Cup in football. Or "soccer" as some of you might prefer to call it.

See for more on The Who's concert CD:s and DVD:s.

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