Sunday, August 06, 2006

David Walley dead

Walley with Frank Zappa
Music journalist and author David Walley died recently.
He was connected to the LA Free Press for several years. He interviewed several of the big stars of the time.
In 1972 David Walley wrote one of the first biographies on Frank Zappa, No Commercial Potential: The Saga of Frank Zappa.
In the book Walley favored Zappa's early carreer.
It has been reissued several times.
He also ghosted books on Bob Dylan and David Bowie.
One could say that David Walley was the father of the contemporary rock and roll biography.

Read more on and by David here:
And here's a nice piece he wrote on Steely Dan's Two Against Nature back in 2000.

Cover of Walley's book on Frank Zappa

Over at Mizar 5: Nigey Lennon on David Walley:
Eventual time and those waves: David Walley, 1945-2006

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